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10 Special Good Night SMS to Send Someone You Love

Have a “salt Dreamz..” Bcoz daily sweet is not good for your health. Take care!! On this night as I lie on my bed, I

Chat/SMS Shortcuts for Fast Conversation that Everyone Must Know!!

With the rise of technology, our communication has also changed drastically from letter to an instant click, one can communicate so easily. People of today’s

50 Different Ways to Say I Miss You

I think of you night and day. I long for you. I wish you were here. All I do is think of you. I miss

Different Ways to Say I Love You

I want you. You’re all I see I lost my heart on you. You are my reason for living You complete me. I’m affectionate to

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Everyone wants to be a good speaker either at an individual level or at a public level. But many of us have Enochlophobia ( i.e

10 Miss You SMS to Your Loved Ones

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How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

Start with something unusual. People are really tired of listing to all those scripted welcome speeches where you welcome chief guests and say “thanks for

How Exercise Changes Our Body

Find out how Exercise Changes positively and affect your body so that you can start working out regularly if you haven’t already! Remember you can

10 Indirect Ways to Show You Miss Your Love

1. Make a Phone Call Calling your partner often makes them feel special that you remember them and takes good care of them. Communication is

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Acne is a very common skin problem among teenagers, though it affects people of all ages. Here are a few prevention tricks to prevent from

10 Simple Tips & Tricks to Have a Glowing Skin

Everyone loves to have glowing skin, but in this busy lifestyle, one cannot give much time and effort to take care of their skin. So

20 Life-Changing Habits to Change Your Life For 2021

Let’s make our New Year more productive and happier by 20 Life-Changing Habits. Stay positive! ♥️ Self reflect Plan your workouts Set consistent goals every