How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

Start with something unusual. People are really tired of listing to all those scripted welcome speeches where you welcome chief guests and say “thanks for coming and making this event a success”. Do something unpredictable. Remember, to engage the audience you need to be as frank as possible, Just open up! It will take you 5–10 minutes to adjust, but after that, you will notice that everything is going in flow and things are coming out naturally. You can even ask your audience to clap for themselves with these tips.

Coming to the script part, it must be prepared as per the theme of the event and the audience. Here are a few tips that you can use while preparing the intro of the script.

How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

1. Asking Question

Before starting a program, it is better to grab the attention of your audience. So, in order to grab the attention, raise some interesting questions with a confident, gracious, and louder voice. The question should be something simple like: “Are you having a good time?” or say “Hey, what’s up everyone?”. This will help you to calm down the audience and concentrate on what you are going to speak about.

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Ask the crowd some intrigue questions and the questions must be relatable. Something, that happens every now and then but people fail to address it properly.

2. With a Beautiful Quote

You can start anchoring with a thought or quote given by a great person like Mahatma Gandhi. For example:- “Be the change you want to see in the world”, by this quote given by Mr. Mahatma Gandhi, I _________ would like to begin your today’s day.

For a formal event, you can begin with some good quotes. For a formal independence day event, you can start with a patriotic quote. And then begin with the greetings and welcome of the audience followed by the events.

If it is a fashion show, you can use related quotes to begin like “Style is, for now, fashion is forever”. An impressive quote according to the event can be a good one as per the beginning. And be energetic and confident. In the end, it is all the matters the most. Use good quotes and add elements to it

3. Sing a Song

How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

If it is an informal event, you can usually loosen up a little more. If its crowded and people are just moving around, you can hide behind the curtains and start singing. People will definitely stop doing whatever they were doing and start wondering where the voice is coming from. And then revealed yourself and say “Now that I have your attention, let’s begin this show”

4. Recite a Poem

Start the event with Shayari or 4–5 Line Poem that suits the program. For example, if you are anchoring a fresher’s party, start with some welcoming Shayari, if its a Farewell party than you can say something like “ To Meet To Depart is the Way of Life, To Depart and Meet is the hope of life”.

5. Summary of the event

You can give a brief summary of the event, that what the audience is going to experience in the next few minutes during the event so that you can make the excitement level of the audience high and energetic.

6. With a joke

How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

Just imagine you’re in the audience and think, what do you expect out of the time and money you have put in to attend the show? Think about it on three levels. Childish, Mature, and Old. Thus, get some puns and jokes together on which no sentiment is hurt and everyone laughs off.  For informal shows break the ice 1st, use your humor, roast somebody or crack jokes on yourself.

7. Welcoming

You want to welcome everyone since you are on the stage and you have to greet with a warm welcome, so start off as…. A very good afternoon/good morning/ evening to …then you start welcoming the authorities, make sure to go in order from higher to lower authority. If there’s a guest from outside, make sure you introduce him as…. Its a pleasure to mention Mr. Xyz who made it possible today from his/busy schedule, please I’ve him/her a huge round of applause or welcome him or please welcome him with thunderous applause.

How to Start Introduction While Anchoring?

8. Introducing About Yourself and the Event

You can greet everyone and introduce yourself. Then say 2–3 lines regarding the program for e.g. if it is a Farewell party you can say “ we are feeling extremely sad to bid adieu to our seniors and hence we want to give you the best farewell.” etc.

These techniques will also help you to be a better host “25 tips for Anchoring an Event

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