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Covid-19 Antigen Kit: Self-test kit- Instructions

Have you taken the Covid-19 self-test? Here are the instructions required for the Covid-19 self-test.Bid farewell to your insecurity of being Corona positive. Now, we

5 Useful Tips to Hold a Marriage Ceremony during this Pandemic Lockdown

Why not have a simple, peaceful, intimate wedding?Small or Grand-marriage is marriage after all! Due to this pandemic, many weddings have been cancelled or postponed.

Work From Home: 5 Easy Tips To Make Your Work Time Effective

Why Work From Home?- Be it due to your poor health condition or due to your self-preference, your reason is up to you. What matters the

World Leprosy Day-2022

World Leprosy Day - Celebrated on last Sunday of January. In 2022 It falls on 30 January. This day is celebrated by people who have

Happy Sonam Lhosar 2022- Year of the Tiger

 The happiness of wearing new clothes, seeing the face of Father after so long, visiting old Grandmother to put Tika and have her blessing, getting

Booster Dose For Covid-19 In Nepal

A booster dose is mainly targeted towards the people who have weak immunity systems and who are likely to get covid-19 easily. It is necessary

5 Effective Ways to Prevent Gas Geyser Mishaps During Winter

With the rising cold, Geyser has now been a favourite friend for everyone. Being cost-effective and easy to use, the Gas geyser is used in

How To Get A QR-Coded Vaccination Certificate Easily In Nepal

Nowadays you can’t go anywhere without a vaccination certificate. You will not be allowed to go anywhere like movies, parks, cafes, restaurants, colleges, and other

Salinadi: An Easy Guide for The Holy Bath of the Year

Salinadi located in Sankhu is a sacred holy place for Hindu connoisseurs. The river flows below Sankhu Bazar. Salinadi a sanctuary place in the northeast

Swasthani: A Month-Long Festival

Swasthani is one of the festivals that is named after the goddess swasthani who is known for granting wishes that are made with pure intentions.

Maghe Sankranti: 5 Amazing Foods Of The Day

For this very Maghe Sankranti, celebration streets are filled with vendors selling foods like chaaku, tilauri, tarul, and many more. These foods are targeted towards

Top 5 Best-Selling Cars In Nepal

Cars are like a luxury to Nepalese people. If you are thinking of buying an affordable car, gives good mileage, and has a good performance