Content Guidelines

Tips Nepal aims to frame our writers’ interests in a way that people can learn and get information from our contributors’ experiences. As an information powerhouse, we have set certain guidelines to preserve authenticity, credibility, and a standard of writing our audience has come to expect from our organization.  

  1. Plagiarism and/or paraphrasing is strictly prohibited. Your work should be completely original to you, both in writing and perspective. If the work of anyone other than you are used or mentioned, we require proper citation and permission from the original author. Failure to do so may result in termination of your contributor status. 
  1. Prefer articles that are informative and educative over purely opinion pieces. Advise readers on areas that you are good at and promote an environment of learning through your pieces.
  1. You are encouraged to express your opinion, but it should have a proper explanation with depth and nuance to it. Any and all arguments introduced should be backed with proper evidence and/or explanation.  
  1. The topics and discussions in your articles should provide an insight that does not clash with something you can readily find on the web. Avoid topics that are cliched or worn out. If such topics are used, provide a unique perspective that is unavailable anywhere else.  
  1. Submit contents that are free of grammatical/ spelling errors and meet the standards of correct basic English. Proofread your articles thoroughly before sending them in. You should aim to send in pieces that do not require rechecking. 
  1. Your articles must not degrade any Nepali culture, caste, or any international race, sexuality, and religion. If writing on a controversial topic, make very careful and informed claims. If any direct degradation of any culture or identity is found, it may result in the termination of your contributor status. 
  1. Your work should be the best possible reflection of your ability to write and/or create. As long as you write on topics you feel passionately about, this should not be a problem. 
  1. Refrain from advertising yourself or any third-party products in your articles. We assure you that you will receive due credit for your work on the website, other than that you are prohibited from marketing yourself.  
  1. Outgoing links are allowed, but inbound links are preferred. Research properly before linking outbound articles. Do not link articles outside of our website if a similar counterpart is available on our own.  
  1.  Our website already covers a wide range of subject areas. Do not venture out of the topic areas unless specified otherwise.  
  1. Articles must exceed 500 words in length unless specified otherwise. For good standing, try to reach the 900-word mark.  

Subject Areas

  1. About Nepal
    • Culture
    • Places
    • History
    • Resources
    • Belief
  2. Lifestyle
    • Health
    • Fitness
    • Food
    • Relationship
    • Travel
    • Astrology
    • Beauty
    • Fashion
    • DIY
    • Events and Ceremonies
    • Parental Guidelines
  3. Technology and Automobiles
    • Gadgets
    • Apps
    • Social Media
    • Games
    • Automobiles
  4. Skills and creativity
    • Photography
    • Dancing
    • Acting
    • Public Speaking and Anchoring
    • Drawing
    • Driving
    • Interior Designing
    • Farming
    • Content Writing
    • Music
    • Vlogging
  5. Education and Career
    • Books
    • Career-related Tips
    • Professional advice on career paths
    • Informative articles about the education sector
  6. Finance
    • Share Market
    • Money
    • Investment
    • Loans
  7. Business
    • Startups
    • Case studies
    • Ideas
    • Tips and Tricks

Target Audience 

  1. Nepali teens and young adults interested in bettering themselves and creatives who seek professional advice on our content areas (refer above). 
  1. Nepali people looking for ways to make every-day life easier through convenience tools. 
  1. Foreigners looking for information on Nepali culture, Nepali heritage, and travel destinations. 

Digital Media Policies 

  1. Only upload images/ videos which are free of copyright and/or permitted for use by the original creator. 
  1. Try to add creative digital elements to your writing, self-taken and/or self-created images and videos are preferred. 
  1. Do not upload an article without any digital element to it. Your article should look attractive to our audience.  

Editing, Review, and termination 

  1. All articles posted on the website will undergo a rigorous review and editing process before being published as an article. 
  1. Be informed that our editors will only improve the standard of English in the article, not the standard of writing. Your work and your opinions will be preserved as long as they follow our content guidelines and policies. 
  1. If any part of your writing is seen to be in violation of our policies of copyright, writing standards, and relevance, we reserve the right to terminate your article in the editing and review process. 
  1. To be clearer, articles that require better English and other content optimization elements will be edited. But articles whose core concepts violate our policies will be terminated. These may include but are not limited to racial biases, copyright infringement, cultural appropriation, and extremely low standard of writing.  

Providing Due Credits 

 You will be asked to submit a photo, a short bio, and links to your personal website or social media. This excerpt will be included in all your articles as a byline. Photo and bio requirements will be sent to you after registration. Apart from this, you are prohibited from marketing yourself inside of any article.

Other Terms and Conditions 

  1. Articles published on Tips Nepal will thereafter be the absolute property of Tips Nepal.  
  1. Republishing of articles already posted on Tips Nepal is prohibited. If you need to use the given article for anything else, you will need prior permission from our organization. 
  1. We reserve the right to terminate your articles from our website at any time even if it has passed the editing and review process. In case of termination, the rights for your article will be reissued to you.  
  1. We reserve the right to terminate your status as a contributor if repeated misconduct and violation of the aforementioned policies is found

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