Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love – 2022

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love – 2022

Happy Holi!

Remember those days when we used to start playing Holi a week before it even started? Those moments of our childhood days are still vivid in my memory.

Holi is the festival to be kids again and re-live our childhood. We can make all the mess, we can be dirty, we can splash water balloons to our friends and nobody is going to say anything. This festival is full of love, joy, and excitement.

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What is Holi?

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

A festival of love or a festival of colors, Holi is the festival that is loved by everyone. In Nepal, It is called Fagu Purnima as it mostly falls on the month of Falgun. It is celebrated for two days. The first day is celebrated by people who live in a hilly region and the second day is celebrated by people living in the Terai region. 

Why is it celebrated?

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

The simple reason is it is fun and who doesn’t like to play with colors and water. But as to know why it is celebrated? The main reason for Holi is to celebrate the start of the spring season, the good harvest, and the fertility of the land.

Myths of Holi

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

There are several myths about why Holi is celebrated. The most popular one is between the lord Vishnu, Evil King Hiranyakashipu, the king’s son Prahlad and his evil aunt Holika. King thinks of himself as a god and doesn’t want anyone to talk about other gods in his palace. But his son is a worshipper of a lord Vishnu and the king doesn’t like it. Due to his arrogance and pride, he tries every way to kill his son but fails.

Finally, his sister Holika who is immune to fire takes Prahlad on her lap and sits on fire. She wanted to burn Prahlad to ashes but instead, Holika gets burned and turns into ashes. So people started celebrating it as the victory of good over evil.

There is another myth that it is celebrated as the symbol of love between Radha and Krishna.

How is Holi celebrated?

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

As Holi is a festival of colors, In Nepal it is celebrated by putting colors on each other, Throwing water balloons, Throwing water through the water guns. People eat different kinds of sweets, and drinks on this day. On this day people consume bhang(cannabis) which is usually infused with drinks and sweets.

People go to different concerts and events which are organized by local people where different artists perform there. They dance, eat and enjoy the day as the songs are played by artists. It is usually for adults. As for kids they just enjoy themselves with their friends in their local area where they are observed by their parents. 

Influence of India

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

Holi is one of the main festivals of India too. So Nepali people are influenced by Indian people during this festival. There is a tradition of breaking the pot during the festival so many people in Nepal have also started doing this during Holi as a part of celebrations. Other traditions like bonfires are done before the day before Holi to prevent evil. This tradition takes place in Basantapur durbar square in Kathmandu and another durbar square of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur.

Why some people don’t like Holi?

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

You might think why some people don’t like Holi when it is such a fun festival. Well, there might be people who are allergic to colors or be rather at home than play colors with people or even hate the idea of being dirty. Everybody has their preferences so we cant change them. But there are some other reasons why people don’t like to play Holi. The reasons are listed below:

  • As it is a festival of colors. Those colors can be harmful to the environment as those colors are mixed with chemicals that aren’t necessarily good for the environment. Bonfire done as part of the tradition is likely to cause deforestation as many bamboo plants are cut down.
  • Another reason is safety. it isn’t safe, especially for women. Many predators are walking around and harassing others in the name of celebrating Holi. Most women become victim of it. They spike the drinks to take advantage of others. So parents don’t allow their children to play Holi or even go outside.
  • As the colors are not chemical-free it may cause some serious health issues to some people.

Tips before you go to play Holi

Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

Wear white clothes so that colors can be more easily seen. Do not wear your new clothes as they are likely to get damaged.

  • Stay away from strangers as they may not have a good intention.
  • Do not take food or drinks offered by strangers as that may be spiked.
  • Don’t play it if you are allergic to colors.
  • Stay as close as possible with your friends or family if you are going into crowded places.
  • Keep your phone or camera in plastics or don’t even bring it if you are going to play with water as they are likely to get damaged due to water.
  • Don’t drink and drive in the name of the festival.
  • If you don’t like Holi then avoid going out as much as possible as you will likely be splashed with water balloons.
  • Keep your mobile phones or purse as they may get stolen.


Holi: A Celebration Full Of Color And Love - 2022

Holi celebrated by everyone despite the religions or castes helps to bring people closer. Make sure to enjoy it with your friends and family. Be safe during the celebrations and stay close to your friends and family. Make Sure to avoid strangers as much as possible. This Holi, be safe and enjoy it with your loved ones. Thank you for reading till the end. Hope this blog was interesting to read. Have a good day!


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