About us

Tips Nepal is an online blog made for people who seek to be more productive and stay informed about Nepal and the world. Our users are generally Nepali teens, young adults, and foreigners wishing to know more about Nepal and its heritage.

Along with that, we are an information powerhouse full of productivity guidelines, everyday tips, and educative materials. Ranging from lifestyle, technology to finance, our content is highly targeted and expertly designed to suit the needs of our audience.  We stay focused on delivering credible and authentic content that is inclusive of Nepali people and their everyday needs.

Who are we?

We are a team of inherently different creative writers and creators from all walks of life brought together by one collective ideal— quality content delivery.  

Our content is unique such that we don’t do or work on things specifically for writing. Instead, we indulge in our own creative pursuits and use our knowledge in them to publish articles. This means that the work of our writers reflects their passion in life, adding a layer of meaning to all our content. 

As strong believers of authenticity, our writers work diligently to provide you with genuine, informative content. We aspire to be original in our work and sincere in our efforts as creators. 

What do we seek? 

To our audience, we aim to be an absolute single-stop source for all kinds of information. We want to be lauded for our quality and legitimacy as a publishing house of unique creative writers all around Nepal. 

What makes us surge forward?  

To provide a comprehensive platform for every person wishing to put their creative efforts into writing, helping them to reach a larger audience. In doing so, we expect to shift the focus of Nepali content into the web and digitize the Nepali content industry. 

What do we stand for? 

As a platform, we are dedicated to providing you the quality of content that meets your expectations. In all our articles, we wish to reflect our commitment to 

  • Provide credible and trustworthy information 
  • Promote the culture of respect and sincerity Nepalis have grown up with 
  • Uplift the heritage and traditions of Nepali people 
  • Educate and aware people on issues facing our society 
  • Make everyday life easier with content geared towards convenience  
  • Inspire creativity, knowledge, and productivity in our creators and audience alike.