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Smoked Chicken: 3 Easy Steps to Make The Succulent Savior

Is the Chicken Smoking or we Smoking the Chicken? This is one of the best puns that we have come across for the name of

IELTS Band 8: Tips to get overall 8 in IELTS

There are several mediums of checking your English proficiency level these days. Be it IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE, these all Examination systems are designed to

4-Step Recipe for Mutton Curry: The Spicy Delight

Keep Calm and Curry On! _Mutton Curry Said Yes, we will keep calm and curry on – wait, it’s supposed to be “carry on”! This

8 Best ways to Cook Mutton!

Someone once said  – Mutton is the meat for Life! That person was not wrong- mutton is indeed the meat for life. Considering the delicious

Multiple Ways to Make Mutton Steak – 2 Simple Recipes

Steak is the Spice of Life – said one meat lover once. And for a lot of meat lovers- steak really is the spice of

Recipe For Mutton Roast Over An Open Fire: The Feast Of The Fortunate

Nothing can beat the feeling of sitting in a forest, outside the tent, with a fire crackling and making some mutton roast over an open

3-Step Recipe for Deep-fried Mutton – An Easy Yet Delicious Dish

You can just deep-fry just about anything and it would still taste good. _Deep-Fried Mutton Lover But just because you can deep-fry just about anything

3-Step Recipe for Poached Mutton – The Perfect Pleasure

Poaching Animals is bad but poaching food – that’s a different story! _Recipe for Poached Mutton Whoever came up with this line seems to love

3-Step Recipe for Grilled Mutton: The guilt-free Glory to Gluttony

“Grilling means good times, good friends, and hopefully, great food.” _Recipe For Grilled Mutton When it comes to Grilled Mutton, you won’t have to worry

Crave of the Chicken Curry Recipe: 3 Easy Steps

We have all heard “Hurry Makes A Bad Curry” when our teachers tell us to do things slowly but carefully. Why this metaphor though? Well,

Simple Stir-Fried Chicken: Easy 3 Step Recipe

Why are you stirring? Are you a stir-fried chicken? Hakulal Well, not exactly but where did this expression even come from? This is a great

The Great Grilled Chicken Recipe: 3 Step Recipe

It’s Always Hot When You Are Tending The Grill But does it even matter when all the tending you are doing is for grilling that