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Foreign Employment Share: Clear Information on 10% IPO Quota Reserved Share in Nepal

In the most recent presentation of the budget for the fiscal year 2079/80, it was stated that any foreign worker who possesses a valid work

5 Best Indian Websites and Apps to Watch Bollywood Movies

Hindi or Bollywood movies are very popular in Indian and other South Asian countries. Lately, there are many people living in western countries such as

Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers and Acquisitions are the daily staples of Financial news currently in Nepal.

Newar: The Original Residents of Kathmandu

Newar are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding areas in Nepal

Sohra Shraddha: A 16-Day Time to Remember ForeFathers

Sohra Shraddha is a 16-day period in the Hindu calendar when people pay homage to their ancestors or pitri.

Fixed Deposit: A Secure Way to Invest

A fixed deposit is a way to save money and is also the best investment instrument in Nepal

Thakuri: The Ruling and Warrior Elites of Nepal

Thakuri traditionally constituted the ruling and warrior classes of Nepal.

Kumari: The Living Incarnation of a Goddess

Kumari is the living incarnation of Goddess Taleju.

Indra Jatra: A Tribute to the King of Heaven

Indra Jatra is a festival that commemorates Indra who is the god of rain and can insure a good harvest and prosperity in the valley.

Tharu: 4th Largest Ethnic Group in Nepal

Tharu people are an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai in southern Nepal and northern India. 

Bahun/Brahmin: A Respected and Controversial Caste

Bahun or Hill Brahmins or Khas Brahmins are one of the most controversial groups of people in Nepal.

18 Interesting Facts About Mount Everest

Interesting Facts About Mount Everest!!