Sarbesh Adhikari

Kumari: The Living Incarnation of a Goddess

Kumari is the living incarnation of Goddess Taleju.

Indra Jatra: A Tribute to the King of Heaven

Indra Jatra is a festival that commemorates Indra who is the god of rain and

Rishi Panchami: Day to Worship The Sages

Rishi Panchami celebrates the 7 sages who laid the foundation of our religion and imparted

Teej: A Day of Fasting for your Significant Other

Teej is a very hungry way of showing one's love!!!

Krishna Janmashtami: Birthday of a Tragic Hero

Krishna Janmashtami is one of the most celebrated festivals in our country

Janai Purnima: A Festival of Sacred Thread

Janai Purnima is a festival that carries the message of purity and brother-sister relations.

Panchakanya Group: A Brand Best Associated with Construction

Panchakanya refers to a group of five iconic heroines of Hindu epics, Durga, Saraswati, Laxmi,

Vaidya Organization : A Dynamic Business House

Vaidya Organization was started with $700!!! A Truly Remarkable Journey

Khetan Group : A Strong Legacy of 170 Years

Khetan Group is the business house which officially started the formal business culture in here.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust

Golchha Group: A Company Closely Associated with Nepalese Lives

CG Corp Global: Nepal’s First Multi National Conglomerate

CG Corp: A Company of which a Nepalese can be truly proud of in foreign


RARA: A Trail Blazer who led the way for others!!!