25 Tips For Anchoring an Event

25 Tips For Anchoring an Event

Anchoring an Event is a big responsibility. There are certain qualities that make an anchor unique from his/her contemporaries like, fluency in language, clarity, humor, confidence, and vast knowledge of surroundings. An anchor must be precise and to the point in his/her view. Confidence is the most prestigious key to lead the show successfully. So here are 25 Tips For Anchoring an Event

  1. Always start off with a smile.
  2. A power starts: It’s a good idea to start your opening with powerful influencing words.
  3. Gratitude is always the best place to begin. (Thanks, appreciation, acknowledgment, recognition, respect, etc.)
  4. Connect with the audience.
  5. Being prepared is an act of love and intelligence.
  6. Dress appropriately, look good.
  7. Know who you’re talking to.
  8. Tell a personal story.
  9. Words should be clear and distinct.
  10. Breathe steadily and deeply.
  11.  Avoid cold drinks or spicy food before/during your time on stage
  12. Never, ever admit to fatigue like tiredness, illness, etc.
  13. Be very particular about your body language and expressions. Too much movement of your hands while speaking or constantly shifting to and fro your position is to be avoided.
  14.  Stay in the lead as long as you’re on stage.
  15.  Go amid the audience: Yes! That would be an excellent way not only to connect with the audience but also you will make a mark for yourself.
  16.  Presence of mind: The anchor will need to come up for the time lag and instantly come up with ideas to keep the audience engaged.
  17. Believe that people are rooting for you: No one likes to see someone bomb. They really do want you to win.
  18.  Be short but effective.
  19.  Uniform eye contact: The anchor is the master of the stage. When you speak, you’re addressing each and everyone present before you.  Do not look only in a particular direction, or towards a few selected people.
  20.  Take the help of a person for proper coordination.
  21.  Innovation is welcome! Instead of a regular, typical flow of events, a twist in the tale never fails to win hearts. You could even break into a song or dance, mimic a celebrity, the list is endless!
  22.  Always write up some backup lines in case there is someone new or uninvited.
  23.  Working with co-anchors: If you’re hosting with a partner, it is important to work together and agree on a script.
  24.  Stick on your guns in case of any slip-up or fumble.
  25.  All’s well that ends well: A great show needs a great ending. As a traditional concluding speech, you thank the dignitaries first, and then the audiences and wish them a pleasant day.

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