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Ladies, What is the Ideal Fragrance for the First Date?

The ideal fragrance for a woman on her first date is one that compliments the colors red or pink and in such cases, the forerunner

Girls, What is the Perfect Lip Color for Your Date?

The lip color plays a very significant role as the woman’s face is likely to attract all attention. Her face is a canvas of expression

Which Color Attire to Wear for Women in the First Date??

The most important issue that arises is the attire. Women are bound to be anxious about what to wear on the first date. Before deciding

Know Your Partner Through Their Favourite Colors

Human behavior is an enigma and multidimensional. Yet, when it comes to a loving and fulfilling relationship, one desires to know the partner intimately. One

Original Smiley Faces

An emoticon is a facial expression pictorially represented by punctuation and letters, usually to express a writer’s mood. Emoticons are often used to alert a

Romantic SMS to Send Someone You Love

When I miss u I read ur SMS; when I want to see u I close my eyes, and when I want to hear your

10 Special Good Morning SMS to Send Someone You Love

Open ur eyes! So the Sun can rise, Flowers can blossom… Birds can sing… Bcoz all are waiting to see ur BEAUTIFUL SMILE ☺️ GOOD

10 Special Good Night SMS to Send Someone You Love

Have a “salt Dreamz..” Bcoz daily sweet is not good for your health. Take care!! On this night as I lie on my bed, I

Chat/SMS Shortcuts for Fast Conversation that Everyone Must Know!!

With the rise of technology, our communication has also changed drastically from letter to an instant click, one can communicate so easily. People of today’s

50 Different Ways to Say I Miss You

I think of you night and day. I long for you. I wish you were here. All I do is think of you. I miss

Different Ways to Say I Love You

I want you. You’re all I see I lost my heart on you. You are my reason for living You complete me. I’m affectionate to

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Everyone wants to be a good speaker either at an individual level or at a public level. But many of us have Enochlophobia ( i.e