Bright Side of Lockdown

Bright Side of Lockdown

At present, every people around the world are in lockdown enforced to stay within their houses. If you remember, in our normal days, we were accustomed to wishing for the days we are tired of living today. Students would try to make excuses to stay at home and play. Similarly, workers were demanding leave for any reason. Due to the hectic schedules of businesspersons and actors, they have always wanted a relaxing break and enjoy their time with friends and families. The list of people willing to get free from their daily schedules can get longer. Well, it now seems as if God has fulfilled all our wishes to get free and have enough time for family. Therefore, this has made me realize that we must be very careful with our wishes, or it could backfire us. We all are fighting against a pandemic today. The number of death tolls has reached a few hundreds of thousands. Daily waged laborers are struggling to survive as commercial activities are closed. Tourists and visitors are having trouble living in a foreign land. The global economy is falling sharply, the consequences of which will last for many years to come.

Despite every pain that arose due to COVID 19, we should not forget that the show must go on. So, instead of feeling anxious, bored, and impatient, we can take this time as an opportunity to groom ourselves. You can spend time for yourself and family. The lockdown period is uncertain, so we don’t know for how long will we be restricted into our houses. The research for possible vaccines is being undertaken around the world. Panicking and getting depressed will only make the situation worse. So, let us be physically and mentally strong to fight against Covid-19.

In the initial days of lockdown, I was not ready to accept the fact of what was happening and that made me very stressed and anxious. However, I found many ways to overcome those feelings with continuous observation and experiment upon myself. So, here, I am going to share with you how to have productive lockdown days and avoid all those stresses.

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1. Exercise:

Bright Side of Lockdown

Start your day with exercises that you enjoy doing. For this, you neither need any heavy equipment, coach nor the gym hall. You must feel comfortable with the type of exercise you are choosing. Any form of exercise like skipping, dancing, yoga, or home workouts with the help of an app or YouTube videos can help you remain fit and active throughout the day. Having a fit body and active mind means you in a different level of energy. It also makes you healthy and boosts your immunity level.

2. Meditation

Bright Side of Lockdown

After doing exercises for at least half an hour, I eat something and meditate for around 20 minutes. For beginners, you can meditate with the help of guided meditation videos from YouTube. I prefer to do Ishakriya by Sadhguru. It has helped me to be more peaceful, calm, relaxed, stress-free, and increased my concentration. Meditation has always been recommended by our ancestors to follow as it has unlimited benefits. During our normal days, it is quite difficult to manage time for meditation, so this is the right time to initiate the habit meditating.

3. Follow Your Hobby and Passion:

Bright Side of Lockdown

All of us have some hobbies that we love to do, and we do not consider time and money for them. Some examples can be cooking new dishes, dancing, painting, singing, acting, or anything. Following your hobby and passion always makes you very happy.

4. Self-care:

Bright Side of Lockdown

During our busy lifestyle, we might not have enough time to care for ourselves. This can be either physical or mental. So, this is the right time to have self-care and eventually make this a habit. Self-care can be anything from personal cleanliness, hair care, skincare, or knowing yourself better. It is very important to be a better one every next day.

5. Reading:

Bright Side of Lockdown

Reading is a popular habit all around the world. But in our country, Nepal, it is only limited in the textbook. We do not have a culture of reading as much as western people do. it is so beneficial to read books. For now, it is the most productive way of passing time and gaining knowledge of your interest. It helps to stay focused and enhance your memory. Reading is exercising your memory muscles, that is why it helps to sharpen your memory.

6. Practice DIY:

Bright Side of Lockdown

Doing It Yourself makes you feel more satisfied, confident, and happy. It can be cooking food for yourself, cleaning own room, washing clothes, decorating room, or gardening. DIY makes you feel very special and we all know special feelings always make us positive and happy.

7. Learn a Skill:

Bright Side of Lockdown

It is the best time to acquire new skills, either through YouTube tutorials or any other online courses. Skills are always helpful. It helps to stand out from others and in this competitive era, and those honed skills will be your assets for the whole life. Skills can be anything, either editing pictures and videos, makeup, interior designing, or anything of your interest. For example: If you want to acquire dance skills, learning a step every day will turn you to be skilled in more than 100 steps after this lockdown ends. You will feel proud of yourself and your self-confidence will rise. So at least learn something every day.

8. Watching Movies, Series, or Documentaries:

Bright Side of Lockdown

Visual contents are the best method of learning, but you must be able to filter your content. The simple way of filtering visual content is looking for its rating and reading reviews or comments from the audience. Visual information is easily captured by our memories. So, in this lockdown, you can have a world tour by watching documentaries of different cultures, geography, history, and broaden your mind.

9. Have Family Time:

Bright Side of Lockdown

Your family members are always with you in your ups and downs. Being around with family members will make you feel secured and help you in every way possible. So, this is the best time to know your family members much better and make them happy. Spreading happiness and love will always double your happiness.

10. Try to Avoid News and Social media:

Bright Side of Lockdown

News and Social media don’t add too much to your life. Instead, it increases your stress and anxiety level. These days the news is like a synonym to bad news and bad news is not good for mental health at all. Being concerned about the news is understandable, however, ruining own mental health and wellbeing is not good. Limit the amount of time you spend reading or watching things.

Rather allocate specific time to check in with the news. If there is a lot of misinformation swirling around, better stay away from them. Instead, get informed and updated by sticking to trusted sources of information such as government and WHO websites.

Also, have a break from social media.

While social media platform has benefits, using them too often can make you feel increasingly unhappy and isolated in the long run. You tend to compare yourself to others on social media by stalking their aesthetically perfect Instagram photos or staying up to date with their relationship status. Facebook could do little to assuage your feelings of self-doubt.

It is time to rationalize negative thoughts into positive and meaningful ones. Avoid too many negative thoughts because we are going through a really hard time. Also, accept that you are going to eat differently and do not feel too bad about it.

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