15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Everyone wants to be a good speaker either at an individual level or at a public level. But many of us have Enochlophobia ( i.e the fear of crowds), self-consciousness, or fear of people’s judgments. In this case, how can one be a good public speaker?

Public Speaking doesn’t require god gifted ability but it can be learned and polished later. Anyone who can speak can be a good public speaker. If one works on the following attributes:

1. Content

Content is the key to any speaker. You must have proper information about your subject matter. For example, an event anchor should prepare his/her content including the theme of the program, information related to guests, sponsors, participants, and other stakeholders of the event along with the detailed information that he/she has to speak in the event, that can be either joke, quotes, poem or any other thing in order to engage the audience.

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15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Basically, a speaker should have a strong catch on the content that he/she is going to speak. One should have the answer to every question that will be raised based on his/her content.

2. Knowledge

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Knowledge is so powerful that shows who you are as a person. A knowledgeable person is highly respected by everyone. One can build one’s knowledge through reading, observing, listening, and experiences. If you have a collection of information i.e. knowledge then you have enough content to speak which ultimately gives you the power of confidence.

3. Confidence

Good Speaker

Confidence is the beauty of every speaker. A confident person is always the first priority of listeners to listen to. If you possess great confidence, then eventually your speaking skill will improve. Confidence can be built through knowledge, personality as well as appreciation from people.

4. Voice

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Speaking means the use of voice to communicate the information. Voice can play a major role to be a good speaker but not in every case. A good voice is like ‘sone pe suhaga‘ which means it adds excellence to listeners to listen to the speaker. A good voice can easily attract listeners.

Having a good voice, at least in the conventional sense, is basically possessing a voice that is pleasant to listen to.  One can do several voice therapies like humming, enchanting of om sound, breathing control on a regular basis to make their voice sound good.

5. Feelings and Enthusiasm

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Feelings and enthusiasm are so powerful things to attract listeners. If you are speaking core from your heart, then it’s so original and pure content to listen to which is not copied or get inspired by that the listener might have already listened to from someone else. It’s very important to have feelings and enthusiasm for a good speaker in order to connect with its listeners.

6. Body Language

Body language speaks louder than the words of the speaker. A good speaker must have proper body language. For example, extreme movement of hands, eyebrows, lip, neck, legs are so disturbing habit of a speaker for listeners to listen to, that can distract the listeners.

7. Personality

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Everyone prefers to speak with good personality people. Personality attracts people a lot in order to get attached to or at least speak a word of ‘hi’. Personality doesn’t only mean a beautiful face and a fit body, but it is the characteristic patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving.

Personality is influenced by various factors like Brain, Physical Characteristics, Social Experiences, Culture and Religion, and Heredity.

8. Listeners

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

A good speaker must be aware of what his/her listener wants to listen to. Basically, a speaker should be able to read the mind of the listener so that he/she can speak a similar kind of content that the listener wants to listen to from the speaker.

9. Pause and Power

The pause can be both powerful as well as weaknesses for the speaker. Pause in speaking is not mere silence – it is silence made designed eloquently.

When a man says uh-uh-uh then it is not pausing; that is stumbling. The pause enables the mind of the speaker to gather his forces before delivering the final volley. Pause prepares the mind of the listener to receive the speaker’s message. Also, pause helps to create effective suspense.

10. Pitch and Pace

By pitch means the change in the tone of voice, i.e. high, medium, low, or any variation between. No one likes to listen to flat sentences. Change in pitch and pace attracts the listeners, change of pitch produces emphasis, lends naturalness to the delivery, and prevents monotony.

11. Vocabulary and Word Selection

What kind of vocabulary and words are selected by the speaker determines the impact on the listeners! Right words with familiar vocabulary are a must. So, a speaker should practice vocabulary, read, discuss and use various words in his/her conversation so that the same thing a speaker will not be repeating again and again, which also needs practice and regular speaking.

12. Memorization

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Memory power is very important for every speaker. A good memory power helps the speaker to remember what they want to share, facts and figures, related examples, etc. to connect with the listeners.

13. Energy

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

Everyone likes an energetic person. The speaker must have the energy to attract its listeners to listen to him/her. Energy not only means physical strength but it also means the positive vibes to attract its listeners to listen to.

14. Art of Influencing and Engaging People

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

The art of influencing and engaging people can be obtained from being friendly and sociable with strangers, being sensitive to others’ feelings, showing genuine interest in others, using authority without appearing heavy-handed, listening, conveying energy and enthusiasm.

When a speaker influences and engages his/her listeners, then the listeners listen with high interest to the speakers.

15. Dictation and Pronunciation

15 Things You Should Work on to be a Good Speaker

The pronunciation of the speaker should be very clear and understandable. Pronunciation can be improved through dictation, regular practices, listening, and reading.

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