Chat/SMS Shortcuts for Fast Conversation that Everyone Must Know!!

Chat/SMS Shortcuts for Fast Conversation that Everyone Must Know!!

With the rise of technology, our communication has also changed drastically from letter to an instant click, one can communicate so easily. People of today’s generations want everything quick and easy so the chat language has come in use, i.e the shortcut of our actual words and sentences in order to save our time and effort while typing the message.

So, here are the lists of characters and their meanings that are commonly used in order to understand the chat language as the receiver and to save time and effort as a sender while sending the messages.

Chat/SMS Shortcuts
Chat/SMS Shortcuts
&andBAUbusiness as usual
0nothingBRBI’ll be right back
2two, to, tooBTWby the way
2daytodayCULsee you later
Aa/anCWOTcomplete waste of time
BbeFTFface to face
B4beforeFYIfor your information
BCbecauseGMTAgreat minds think alike
BFboyfriendHANDhave a nice day
BKbackHRUhow are you
BRObrotherICBWit could be worse
BTbutIDTSI don’t think so
CseeIMHOin my humble opinion
D8dateIYKWIMif you know what I mean
DNRdinnerJKjust kidding
EZeasyKOTCkiss on the cheek
F8fateLOLlaugh out loud
GFgirlfriendLSKOLlong slow kiss on the lips
GR8greatLTNSlong time no see
HOLSholidaysLuv UI love You
HVhave Luv U2 I love You too
II, itMONthe middle of nowhere
Itsit is MTEmy thoughts exactly
KDSkidsMUI miss You
L8lateMUSMI miss you so much
L8RlaterNPno problem
M8mateOICoh, I see
NE1anyonePC&QTpeace and quiet
PLSpleasePCMplease call me
PSparents, postscriptROTFLrolling on the floor laughing
QTcutieRUOKare you ok?
RareTHNQthank you
SISsisterU4Eyou forever
SKOOLschoolUROKyou are okay
SMMRsummerWUCIWUGwhat you see is what you get
UyouWYSIWYG what you see is what you get
A3anyplace, anytime, anywhereCUZbecause
ASAPas soon as possibleB4N Bye For Now

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