Newar: The Original Residents of Kathmandu

Newar are the historical inhabitants of the Kathmandu Valley and its surrounding areas in Nepal

Kumari: The Living Incarnation of a Goddess

Kumari is the living incarnation of Goddess Taleju.

Indra Jatra: A Tribute to the King of Heaven

Indra Jatra is a festival that commemorates Indra who is the god of rain and

Tharu: 4th Largest Ethnic Group in Nepal

Tharu people are an ethnic group indigenous to the Terai in southern Nepal and northern

CHANDRA SHUMSHER: 10 Best Facts About a Reformer

Chandra Shumsher was a man known for his wit not the physical prowess!!!

Top 10 Best Facts about Pushpa Lal Shrestha

Pushpa Lal Shrestha was a revolutionary by birth

Top 10 Best Facts About B.P. Koirala: First Elected Prime Minister of Nepal

B.P. Koirala is worthy of our respect till this day and age

Top 10 Best Facts about Mathwar Singh Thapa

Top 10 Best Facts about Mathwar Singh Thapa: A Leader or an Obnoxious Showoff

Top 10 Best Facts About Bhimsen Thapa

Was Bhimsen Thapa Capable Leader or a Pathetic Loser

Top 10 Best Facts about Dharhara: You May Not Know About

An Iconic Tower on its Own Right!!!

Asar 15: An Auspicious Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahi Chiura

Happy Asar 15!!!! Dahe Chiura Kham ani Ramam :)Asar15, the day every Nepalese: Poorer or