Asar 15: An Auspicious Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahi Chiura

Asar 15: An Auspicious Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahi Chiura

Happy Asar 15!!!!

Dahi Chiura Kham ani Ramam 🙂

Asar 15 has always been special to me. I know, it is a special day for all the Nepalese people out there. But it’s a little special to me. Why? Lemme share a short story.

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I spent most of my life in a hostel. Hostellers crave for change in taste. And every year, on this very day our hostel served us MITHO DAHI CHIURA with Ripped Mango. That was what heaven on earth felt like, back then. And I know I am going to keep this tradition alive and pass it to my offspring.

Share with us, how special this day is for you and why in the comment section down below.



Asar 15: An Auspicious Day to Farmers

Asar 15: A Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahe Chiura
Image Credit: Himalayan Times (Farmers planting paddy in a field on the occasion of RASTRIYA DHAN DIWAS)

Let’s start with this question, Have you ever tried planting rice?

Sad for you, if you haven’t.

Congratulation!!!! If you have. You have had the best time in your life.

Nepal is an agricultural country. Though modernization gifted us the choice in occupation, our ancestors did farming for survival. If I say, We all belong to a farmer’s family, I don’t think I will be spitting something nonsense.

Asar 15, is a very auspicious, a very fortunate day to plant paddy.

The National Paddy Day (Rashtriya Dhan Diwas) and paddy plantation festival is being celebrated across the country today. From this day, Nepal welcomes Monsoon and prays for more rain.

On this day, farmers and non-farmers go to their fields and do paddy plantations. Men with a pair of oxen and Halo plush Juwa, plow the barren field and make it cultivable for paddy. On the other hand, women plant the paddy on the plowed field singing Asare songs and performing traditional dances.

I happen to remember a poem named Kishan ko rahar (The Farmer’s Desire) by Laxmi Prasad Devkota. Let me present a small stanza from it.

बिहानपख झुल्किन्छ घाम देउराली पाखामा
असारे गीत घन्किछ अनि सुरिलो भाकामा ।।

काँधको शोभा हलो र जुवा हातमा कोदाली
जीवन धान्न गर्नु नै पर्ने उकाली ओराली ।।

छुपु र छुपु हिलोमा धान रोपेर छोडौला
बनाई कुलो लगाई पानी आएर गोडौला ।।

It’s beautiful, isn’t it? How it portrays a farmer’s life and their hard work for livelihood. My Respect to all the farmers who grow foods enough for all the Nepalese.

Asad 15, on this day every farmer plants paddy and prays for a good harvest. They celebrate this day as a lucky day for the paddy plantation.

During this plantation fest, after long hard work, they take a break and gather together to eat a special treat of Dahi chiura to refill their energy. This is why Asad 15 is also called Dahe Chiura day.

Asar 15: Dahi Chiura Day

Asar 15: A Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahe Chiura
Dahi Chiura

Not only the farmers but the nonfarmers also eat Dahe Chiura on this day together with their families. Chiura(Beaten Rice) and Dahi(Yoghurt) both are ancient and traditional food of Nepal. Chiura has always been a good side dish for us and Dahi is our favorite dessert. Normally, on every occasion, we welcome them on our plate.

But on Asar 15, Dahi and Chiura feels special. It tastes different than usual. Maybe it’s not the taste that makes it taste different and special, it’s the day i.e Asad 15 that makes it taste more delicious and special.

I am sure, everyone on this day will have Dahi and Chiura together with their beloved ones. Asar15, the day every Nepalese: Poorer or Richer, Old or Young, Chettri or Kami or Rai or Sherpa, eats the same i.e. Dahi and Chiura.

The day that brings families, friends, and loved ones together: Asar 15

Have a Good Celebration

Asar 15: A Day to Plant Paddy and Enjoy Dahe Chiura

Have a good celebration everyone!

Celebrate Asar 15 together with your friends and family.

If you are going to plant paddy, may you enjoy planting it to your heart’s content, and may you have an amazing experience.

I would once again express my thankful heart to all the farmers who grow foods and crops. Thank You!!! for your hard work. You are an amazing person. You plow the barren land, make it cultivable, and grow life. Thank You!!!

We wish all of you good fortune and good wishes.

Sabai Jana Dahe Chiura Kham ani Ramam 🙂 Hai ta?

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