6 Frequently Asked Questions From Newbie Content Writers of Nepal

6 Frequently Asked Questions From Newbie Content Writers of Nepal

Since Content writing is slowly being accepted in Nepal as a stable and acceptable job as well, a lot of content writers have appeared in the scene recently. Taking that and our own bitter experience into consideration, here we have compiled a list of questions that we had when we were starting out our career, that a lot of you probably have as well. Here we have the most Frequently Asked Questions from Beginner Content Writers of Nepal:

1. What is Content Writing?


The simple answer to this question is  – Content writing is delivering any information that gives the reader some value. The information should be credible and be useful to the reader. 

In other words, Content writing is basically writing the information that can be trusted and is useful. 

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2. How do you write good content?

This is something that a lot of new content writers of Nepal are curious about and something that even professionals fail at times. We say that the reason for this confusion is because the area of content writing is relatively new in our country due to which the ones who can guide us are few and far in between.

Although there are many variables, and it is hard to put into practice, the theory, or let’s say the requirements for good content are rather simple. They are

  • Your content should be useful/ helpful
  • Your content should be relevant
  • Your content should be easy to understand
  • Don’t repeat information unless necessary
  • Your content should be credible
  • It should be original and not plagiarized
  • Your content should be easy on the eyes with added images if possible.
  • It should have an objective.

3. How to find good topics to write on?

As a content writer, we ask ourself this question a lot as well. After writing for a while, it is natural for us to run out of topics to write about. However, since it is the job of content writers to find topics and write about. So when this happens, there are a few things that we should do to find new topics. They are:

  • Research your target audience
  • Find the keywords used by your target audience
  • Find the trending topics on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit
  • Analyze what your rivals are writing about
  • Know what the experts of different fields are writing/saying about in the current times.

Admittedly these things take time but it is better to take some time to research the best possible topics than to write randomly. 

4. How do you keep yourself motivated while doing the repetitive work?

The loss of motivation is again one of those issues that every content writer faces. This is a message for the new content writers of Nepal – that after a while, content writing gets really boring since you write about similar things in a similar style every day. 

Regardless of how interested you are in a certain topic, it will either soon run out or get boring depending on the depth of the topic. To solve this issue, a lot of experienced writers use some tricks, which are:

  • Experiment with their formats of writing
  • Experiment with a different genre of topics
  • Experiment with different wordings and sentence structures
  • Try a different genre of content writing

One thing that has to be noted is that these tricks are only meant to be a refreshment for your mind till you get motivated to go back to your own style of writing but if you find a style or format interesting and worth your time, you can combine that with your original style.

5. How can you make others believe that your information is credible?


There are a few ways to make others believe that your information is credible, but for that, you have to do a bit of deep research. Some of the ways to make others believe about the credibility of your information as a content writer are:

  • Attach sources of your data but be sure that they are data provided by reputable organizations
  • Attach quotes by renowned people that support your article
  • Attach sources of updated news and researches
  • Provide a good logical sense in your writing and don’t counteract one point with another during the course of the article

6. What is the end goal for a content writer?

This is a different question to answer as different people have different goals. Even among our team, one has an end goal of being a freelance writer for a reputable company while another one has an end goal of being a book author. There are multiple end goals for a content writer among which some are:

  • Brand Head
  • Freelancer for a reputable company
  • Senior publisher
  • Writing workshop owner
  • Content strategist and manager
  • Author of a well-renowned book
  • Motivator 
  • Screenwriter

Each of these has a different way of life and of course, these are not the only end goals but just some of the more common ones. 

Final words

6 Frequently Asked Questions From Newbie Content Writers of Nepal

The good thing about being a content writer is that since you have to research a lot of things including mob mentality and market scenario in order to write, you can survive in a lot of different markets. 

All you have to be sure is to keep this in your heart that “you have to keep on learning and growing” as once you stop learning things will get boring pretty soon and you will eventually get frustrated. Along with this, be sure to have some “you time” as well for writing can get pretty overwhelming at times. 

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