The Importance Of Writing – 5 Reasons Why Writing Is Important

The Importance Of Writing – 5 Reasons Why Writing Is Important

It is no surprise that people don’t like to write in this day and age. Since technology has advanced they would rather type than write. But here we don’t mean literal writing. What we mean by writing is basically expressing the words in a literary form. You may be wondering what is so great about writing and for those who don’t know the power of words, it is normal to think so.

We also understand that a few of you might be thinking “Well duh! isn’t it obvious?”. As the title says here are 5 reasons why writing is good for us. It should be noted that people grow in different ways and these may not work for everyone but as long as you have an understanding of words you will be even if it is just little. 

1. Writing is a way to vent out


If you think of writers, what comes into your mind? The chances are a lot of you have a general image of a person who doesn’t dress very well dressed and glasses with messed hair reading a book somewhere in the café

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. This is how we have stereotyped writers and to some extent, it is not wrong. Along with that, you may also associate writing poetries or failed lyrics with that image. Even if the image is not this the first thing that comes into our mind when we hear the word “writer” is a person who expresses his/her feelings into words. Why do we think like that? The reasons may vary but we commonly associate expressing feelings with writings. That being said, writing is a very good tool to vent out.

The Importance Of Writing - 5 Reasons Why Writing Is Important

Whenever you have words that cannot be expressed either because they are too dark or they might ruin the relationships you can always write. Having words and feelings suffocated within ourselves is not a good feeling and writing helps us vent those out without any bad effects. You can rant your anger or sadness or tell a part of your life story that no one would believe in writing. You don’t even have to create poems or stories or have grammatical knowledge.

As long as you can write, you can always vent out in writing. And when the emotional burden inside you is lessened, you will grow as a person as you will be able to see the world without that blockage. 

2. It helps to make a better judgment


This is connected with the previous point when it comes to thinking logically when feelings are involved so let’s start with that first. All of us have been in such situations when your mind is confused about what the hell is happening between you and your friends or why are things getting messed up in your friend’s group/family. In such situations, our brain tends to go numb as our emotions cloud our hearts.

Similarly, if you are in a toxic relationship your emotions cloud your judgment rather easily, and more often than not we tend to turn a blind to the mistakes of people we care about. This is good and all but in all fairness, a clouded judgment is never a good judgment.


We can be used and/or we can make huge mistakes when that happens. When you write your thoughts out and read it yourself a few times, you tend to find flaws that you didn’t know within those thoughts and once we find them we don’t be able to look at things the same way again. If we read those thoughts enough our mind will begin to see patterns of flaws.

Regardless of how good of a human being we are, we are still human beings and we have flaws. So writing and reading our thoughts will make us think. The more we think the better judgment we make. Similarly, if you note down the issues, be it issues in real life or while doing studies or for work, we have a tangible thing as a reference where we can see the flaws.


If we just remember the data in our head, we will forget small parts of them sooner or later and we will make mistakes eventually. If you write you won’t have to rely purely on memories and you will have a frame of reference to make your judgment on. 

3. Writing makes you creative

You may be wondering how creative is better for us right? Our previous points were kinda obvious but this one is somewhat not and we agree. On the surface writing and being creative has no link and even having a creative mind being good has no link at all as the same thing can be done with a logical mind as well. So let’s break this down into two parts with one part discussing how writing makes us creative and the other part discussing why being creative is good for us. 


4. How writing makes us creative

This is related to how we tend to analyze what we wrote and then scrutinize them after a while to feel that what we wrote sounds like us and is good enough to not make us or the ones who read them cringe. Well after we write anything we have the instinct to read them and scrutinize them and when we do this we often see flaws. This depends one person to person on how much willing they are to improve on those flaws but even if you don’t care much about improvement, you would at least want to not cringe when you read what you wrote.


As long as you feel that you will come up with ways to not repeat the same thing again and this is the base of creativity. If you are someone who is naturally inquisitive then you will feel this even more and with the increase in this urge, your desire to not make our writing cringe intensifies and so does our creativity. 

5. How being creative helps us


This is rather short and simple. When we become creative it becomes easier for us to imagine and get distracted from the real-life issues for a while. If you are someone who has mental issues you know how important this skill is. The more creative you are, the better world you can create in your mind which you can escape into when things get too rough for you outside in the real world.

This is not a permanent solution but for people who are fed up with reality or even for regular people, this is a great way to escape annoying events and annoying people without really getting physically far from them. 

These are the three core reasons why writing is good for us. All the other reasons why writing is good for us including but not limited to an increase in vocabulary, improving our speech and communication ability, and making it easier for us to present something in written form. They all have a core in how we express our words and writing transforms the words in our mind into tangible form enabling us to comprehend what is in our head. 

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