6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

Been more than a year since working from home has been a necessity for all of us. With the Covid scene becoming much worse now, it seems like we will be staying inside our house and working for a very long time. 

Working from home seems really fun when you think about it. All you gotta do is wake up, work, eat, do everything in the same room. And yes, it is fun for a couple of days but then the repetitive lifestyle really starts hitting your mental health. 

Once the monotonous lifestyle starts hitting you, then it becomes hard to continue working from home. The sad part is we all can’t even go to any other locations to do our work because of the strict lockdown imposed by the government. Then you start missing your office, “Holy Crap man!!! I wish I never have to work from home now.” 

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But you gotta stay inside and work right. Here are some tips and a tiny bit of motivation to help you continue your work from home. 

1. Clean your workspace

Your workspace really determines your productivity. You get energy from within if you see your workspace being cleaned. Everybody likes to work in a good environment. Keep a dustbin by your side or at the corner of your room so that, you can easily throw your trashes there.

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

A clean workspace motivates a person, resulting in more work being done and a positive flow of energy. Positive energy, good vibes, and great mental health are the three most important things to look after while working from home.

2. Exercise

Sitting in the same place and working all can make your body dull. A human body needs proper exercise to stay healthy physically and mentally. Working out opens up the creativity side of the brain, which results in more productivity. So, move out our your chair or bed for once and start exercising.

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

Exercises such as press-ups, push-ups, planks, and stretching for thirty minutes is more than enough for the first few days. Do this for some days and I am sure you would love to do more. In such case, you can always hope on YouTube, or Google and make a workout routine that works with you the best.

3. Meditate

Exercising is more better for your physical health, and for mental health there is meditation. Meditation keeps you brain and though at peace. It is one way to empty your mind from all the ongoing activities or events that are going around you, and gives you a break from it.

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Meditating is easier said than done. This is a difficult process and you should only start meditating for a small amount of time like 20 – 30 seconds. However, once you get the hang of it, you can increase the time eventually.

4. Start a new hobby

Working from home can become a monotonous process. In the beginning phase, we work, eat, and sleep repeatedly, which turns in a regular habit. To get out of this repetitive process, learning or trying our something new really help. On doing so, you get distracted with new activity which helps you take your thought process away from your work.

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

Hobbies that can be done at home such as dancing, writing, drawing, painting, cooking, and many more can be given a shot. Who knows, you might end up liking it and become a pro at it.

5. Talk with your loved ones

As I have said before, it all gets repetitive; work, eat, sleep, and repeat. Your brain becomes tired of this process and also stressed. So open up about what you are going through with your loved ones so that you can get an insight and a different perception of what you are feeling.

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

Talk about your work, your insecurities, things that bother you with the person you trust and love. On doing so, you become relieved and clear, which directly helps you in being able to work from home with more productivity.

6. Don’t deny your feelings

After talking with your loved one or getting the answers to your questions, you need to know how to deal with them. You might realize that things were bothering you that you didn’t even know there were. It can be a bit overwhelming once you get all the answers and dealing with them can also be quite hard.

6 Things You Must Do When You Work From Home

Rather than denying those feeling, we all should accept them and search for solutions to solve them. This is a long process but definitely worth it. SO, never deny your feelings and get yourself some time and space to get over them.

We all are tired of this lockdown and want to get out of our house and get ourselves a chill time. But the situation is so bad that we need to stay inside. Also, we need to take care of our mental health during this phase. We might end up in dark places which will take a toll on our overall health. You all are welcomed at HappyMinds if you think you need psychotherapy, who are always ready to help people dealing with mental health issues. 

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