How to help a family member with COVID-19 at home? Home care tips for the COVID-19

How to help a family member with COVID-19 at home? Home care tips for the COVID-19

The unprecedented health crisis has loomed and engulfed the world which goes by the name COVID-19. As the virus spreads through the community we are bombarded with the news of dire situations faced by the people. In such dire situations one can already get overwhelmed, but there are certain things in our control which can help us ease the situation and practically help us counter such dire situations.

This article solely is based on some tips you can follow to tackle the COVID crisis at home. So, let’s dive into it.


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For Normal People

  • Vaccination (Remember vaccination is not the cure but only the prevention mechanism)
  • Strictly follow the COVID guidelines (Sanitization, Washing, Mask, Social Distancing, Limit your movement and public exposure)
  • Must have essentials (Oxymeter and Thermometer)
  • Proper Ventilation in your room.
  • Maintain your immune system (Drink fluids, eat fruits, steam inhalation, gargle your throat)

For COVID patients

Basic Do’s

  • Isolation (Separate room and toilet)
  • Proper Ventilation in the room. Use a fan and always keep the room’s windows open.
  • Maintain your immune system (Drink fluids, eat fruits, Milk with ginger,turmeric and honey , steam inhalation, gargle your throat with warm water with a pint of salt in it).
  • Essentials (Oxymeter, Thermometer, Gloves, Sanitizer)

Steps to follow

  • Regularly monitor the patient’s oxygen level and fever by using an oximeter and thermometer.
  • If the oxygen level is >94% , the patient  might need oxygen. So regularly monitor the temperature and oxygen level and keep the record of it. 

For instance, record the value every hour to keep a tab on the patient’s condition. This will further help to provide additional information to doctors which will help in patients’ cure.

  • Give paracetamol if the patient has high fever and regularly monitor the temperature
  • Prone position exercise to increase your oxygen level and regularly monitor the oxygen level. But remember if you have chronic back pain or are pregnant try another proning position. For further information follow this link.
  • How to help a family member with COVID-19 at home? Home care tips for the COVID-19
  • If oxygen level drops from 92% and the patient feels uneasy, give oxygen while maintaining the prone position (Regular Monitoring is a must).
  • If the patient oxygen level falls to 90% and is not increasing, take them to the hospital
  • If you can’t find hospital beds to admit in, make sure you get oxygen cylinder stock and at least do an initial health assessment with health professionals.
  • If you know any health professional give them a call or video call them to get professional advice. Don’t rush in to get the medicines just based on the public claims,Facebook or Whatsapp forwards. Professional advice is a must.

Basic Don’ts

  • Concentrate your effort on getting oxygen and hospital beds rather than getting medicines like Remdesivir, Hydroxychloroquine, Faviflu, Coronil which are not proven significant to treat COVID. To get more insight follow this link.
  • Limit the use of social media. Rather take enough rest and sleep. Follow your own hygienic and exercise routine.
  • Beware of fake news and advertising. To get more insight follow this link.
How to help a family member with COVID-19 at home? Home care tips for the COVID-19

Don’t fall for celebrities endorsing for the products solely based on advertising. Further, don’t fall straight for the infographic claims, rather research more to find the scientific temperament and credibility of such claims. If you like to know more about the case, follow this link.

Myth Buster

  • Any mask is helpful, not only the clinical mask, to control the spread of Covid if you wear the right way covering your face and nose. 
  • Only Sanitisers to wash your hands, Right? No. Any soaps and sanitizers will do the trick. To better understand, follow this link.
  • Vaccinated people can’t get COVID. No. Vaccination is not the cure, it is just the prevention mechanism. But the research suggests that the fully vaccinated people are less prone to get severe COVID infection.
  • Vaccines aren’t safe, people are dying of side effects. Right? Well let’s take it like this. It’s true that some of the vaccine like the Astrazeneca vaccine have faced blood clotting issues and European Nations were reluctant to use them because there were some cases of people dying. 

But after further research and evaluation the safety regulators gave it the green light saying the “Benefit Outweighs the Risks”.

Nepal Health Ministry Hotline Numbers:

  • ११३३ (1133)
  • ९८५१२५५८३९ (9851255839)
  • ९८५१२५५८३७ (9851255837)

Further, if you like to gain more context and insight on the contemporary COVID crisis follow this link.

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