Tips For Students: How To Make Most Of Lockdown

Tips For Students: How To Make Most Of Lockdown

Students often considered the savior of the nation is a powerful weapon of any nation. Covid-19 has brought a deep and depressing effect on students as well. For protection from COVID, almost every nation has invited lockdown.

Many examinations are canceled and millions of students’ futures are in danger. Many students are promoted without examination. Secondary level examination(SEE)is not even conducted. The students of grade 10 had to return home a day before the exam. The results of SEE is also very controversial. Due to internal grading, many students got an outstanding result and the fail percentage is also less. As an outcome, high school would not even consider the result for scholarships and admission.

Tips For Students: How To Make Most Of Lockdown

These will largely affect their life. +2 students’ future is also uncertain. The exams are uncertain. The students are confused about whether the exam would be conducted or not. The government is unable to decide. With the rise in cases every day the topic has been more complicated. The university level exams are also uncertain. These have largely affected students’ futures and careers. Whether exams will be conducted or not students should keep on studying and should try new things in this lockdown.

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Tips For Students: How To Make Most Of Lockdown
Online class

The government has advised schools and universities to conduct online classes for students. But the government is unaware of the fact that more than half of students are unable to access the internet. The backward community students are more exploited these lockdowns. They are unable to study and has become a matter of fun. Many of them are arguing with their parents for devices and the internet. These have become a serious issue now. The government is unable to manage this is also a reason behind the issue. Along with this, there is all negativity around this lockdown. Whether in social media or physical life the negativity has created another problem for students.

Tips For Students: How To Make Most Of Lockdown

Students unable to handle this are frustrated. The only solution is to look for positivity and try yourself spreading positivity all around. Then only we can survive these lockdown and look for a happy life ahead. So there are various impacts created by COVID, but along with impacts, we can use these lockdowns as an opportunity as well. The following ideas we can apply to make these lockdown productive and kill all negativity around:

  1. Learn something new through an online course or social media like a new language, computer skills, writing articles, cooking food, etc.
  2. Do yoga and other exercises to make your brain effective and calm. It helps to kill all negativity around.
  3. Develop a relationship with families, relatives by spending quality time with them.
  4. Teach your parents about new useful technologies in this leisure period.
  5. Plant trees nurture them to know the importance of nature.
  6. Read various books to keep your mind fresh and learn something new.
  7. Help your parents to clean the house. It’s a perfect time to clean various closets, gardens.

By this way we can make our lock down productive and use it as a opportunity. One thing everybody should remember that whether lock down ends or resumes covid hasn’t end. So take care of your family and yourself. Wear mask, sanitize properly and stay safe. Peace

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