How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

There is no doubt that the pandemic has hampered our social life. The transition from stepping out of the house for every small thing to being cooped up inside the four walls of our houses has not been easy.

Lockdown was an important step that the government had to take for the welfare of the citizens and the country; however, it has been equally hard on people, especially the ones who were already struggling even before the pandemic. Unemployment, loss of income, loneliness, depression, anxiety, and fear among others are some of the problems people had been facing during the lockdown and that’s affecting their mental health.

However, here are some pointers that can help you calm your mind and guide you into positivity during these difficult times.

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1. Share your feelings

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

A lot of the time, when we don’t share what we are feeling, it will start to hamper our minds and hurt our hearts more than it’s supposed to. You don’t have to be ashamed of how you feel. It is normal to feel scared and nervous during these times. Let it all out. Talk to the people you trust the most such as your family or friends. Don’t hesitate to ask for advice or help.

2. Get the facts, not rumors

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

Gather information about the ongoing pandemic from trusted and credible sources such as WHO websites, Ministry of health and population (MoHP) sites or any other public health agencies. Don’t believe anything you read or hear that are not from significant sources. Confirm the information before you circulate it to your families and friends.

3. Take a break whenever necessary

If you are one of those people who have the tendency to check social media or Google for every itch and sneeze, then you must be over-researching about the pandemic as well. Take breaks from watching, reading or listening to news and stories. Hearing about the pandemic consistently can be upsetting. Instead, make time to unwind, do the things that actually make you happy.

4. Stick to your normal routine

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

Try to maintain the schedule from your pre-quarantine days. Change is always hard. So, make sure to stick to the same routine as much as you can. When you work from home, it can be tempting to fall into lethargic lifestyle, which can act as a factor for all the negative thinking and mental stress. Instead, try to wake up at the same time, take a shower, exercise, eat meals, and go to bed at the same time like you used to before lockdown. Not only will this semblance of familiarity help you deal with your stress, but it will also prepare for the outside life when it’s time to return back to normality.

4. Be informed

Be informed on what to do if you or anyone around you starts to show any signs or symptoms of the virus. Contact a health professional before starting any kind of self-treatment.

6. Engage in recreational activities

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

Make time to do things that you had not been able to do since forever. Try new recipes you wanted to cook, play games with your family, read the book that was on your list but you could not because of your school or work, listen to music, work on those dance moves, exercise, meditate, take deep breaths and get plenty of sleep. A healthy mind equals to a healthy body.

7. Think positive

How to Deal With Mental Stress During Lockdown

This is not the time to think “I am stuck inside”. But, it’s time to think “I can finally focus on my well-being”. Take this opportunity to evaluate and focus on your personal life, health, and relationships.

8. Stay sane and normal

Don’t worry if you are not participating on any webinars or online classes like the rest of your friends. This pandemic is not a productivity race. Focus your energy on staying sane and calm. Your mental peace is above everything.

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