How to Find a Job during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

How to Find a Job during the Covid-19 Pandemic?

The market has crashed, people are getting fired and the job that you had is now gone or you can’t work in it due to the restrictions. Unfortunately, this is the scenario that most of us are facing. Along with this scenario, most of us are looking for new jobs as well. It is safe to say that finding a new job is hardest in this time frame. So what can we do? Here are a few tips to keep you going till the COVID Pandemic ends.

Keep a Positive Mind


I do admit that this does not look like a step but being positive has its perks. The thing is that due to this situation, many people have lost their will and are giving up on finding jobs. Along with this, those who had jobs but had to stop going to the jobs have lost their will as well. This has led to people being more and more hopeless. As a result of that, fewer people have the mindset to keep trying to find jobs. They may have some savings but how long will it last? The mind is a weird and strong organ that we have and thoughts affect us more than we think. Staying positive will not only give you hope of finding a job but also keep you actively searching for jobs.

Use your Connections


By now all of you should have known a lot of people. That includes your family, relatives, friends, and previous classmates or workmates. This is the time to utilize those connections to find a job. As with a variety of people that you know, they are in a variety of fields. Try contacting them and see if they can help you out. Now I understand that you get nothing for free and that is okay. As long as you have a job to function properly, you can meet their demands. That is unless the demands give you more trouble than the benefits of the job they offer.

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Keep the Expectations Lower Than Usual

Before you start doubting this point, give me a listen first. I understand that all of you have minimum requirements for jobs. But the thing is, at this time, those requirements may not be met at all. So to avoid disappointments, keep the expectations low. As of now, the most common jobs are freelancing ones and/or part-timer jobs. Now what this means is that if you try for them, you can very well get these jobs considering you have experiences and you can work from home. Also freelancing and part-time jobs give you an opportunity to land a full-time job later on. It will pay your bills and if the situation is good, even give you some to save.

You can also apply for gigs on small cafes that are open if you have extra-musical skills or if you can do performance art. It won’t give you much, but any pay is good to pay at this time frame.

Customize your CV or Job Application.

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Here is a thing about CV’s and Job applications, different jobs have different CV requirements. Let me give you two examples.

The jobs that generally deal with economics don’t need to know about your art skills and all they want is your academics and experience. These types of jobs see what you have done and how long did you do it along with how qualified you are. Highlight your job experience and qualifications for these types of jobs.

The jobs that are related to art, be in writing, painting, graphic designing, video editing, or any form of art, do not consider your academics as the main factor. They do not care if a painter is SEE graduate or a Master holder. As long as the person has skills, they are in for the job. Highlight the skills and achievements in CV for this type of job.

Listen to the News


Like with the first point, this may seem irreverent here but, still, give me a listen. The situation around this time is among the most unstable economic situation ever. Besides seeming the start of a new “great depression” the world is also dealing with price inflation and health crisis due to the pandemic. Now in the latest news, we have gotten the information about Russia finding a cure but we don’t know what the results will be. So due to this instability, you have to be prepared for anything- the sudden rise of job chances, decrease in existing jobs, or change in job demands.

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