Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

If you have nothing to do in your free time, you can read a good book to relax your mind and at the same time increase knowledge and awareness in your mind.

Nowadays books are easily available online where you can choose a wide range of books from the site. Here are some of the best online bookstore in Nepal where you can buy good quality books at an affordable price.

1. Books Mandala

Books Mandala is the oldest online book store that has been in the market since 1992. The site has over 20,000 books and gives reasonable prices on its products.

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Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Furthermore, the bookstore also sells used books at a minimal cost. Likewise, it also provides home delivery service all over Nepal.

It is located at Lakeside,Pokhara.

2. Daraz

This popular online store sells everything ranging from electronic devices, TV & Home Appliances, Groceries, Pet foods, men and women fashion products to sports as well as outdoor activities stuff.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Hence, it should be of no surprise that Daraz also sells books. You can buy several categories of books which include comic books, novels written by Nepalese and foreign writers, self-help books, university level, school books, and many more.

It is located at Naxal,Kathmandu.

3. Infi Store

Started by a group of young entrepreneurs amidst the Nepal Covid-19 lockdown, Infi Store is an e-commerce platform dedicated to assisting people with a range of everyday necessities, delivered at their doorstep. Infi has been differentiating itself with super-fast delivery and best prices. 

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

At the initial phase of its establishment, the product available at Infi included only daily essentials. At only three months, a milestone of 30,000 customers was hit by the company. With the growing popularity of the website, Infi has been bagging a lot of top brands on their site like Patanjali, Baltra, Missio, The Guitar Shop, HiiLife, Pepsi and also supporting Nepali brands such as Hills and Clouds, The Factory Team, Ratnapark Pau Bhandar, Mantra Guitar and many more. Being a small startup themselves, they have been regularly promoting Nepali local products. 

Likewise, a wide range of different products are added to the website daily. 

Infi has been continuously doing Flash sales at least three times a month where an array of products are displayed at the most affordable price. From 12 hours Book Flash Sale where one could get the best bundle deals at books to Infi Super Sale – Infinite Bachat where groceries and everyday essentials can be found at wholesale prices, Infi Store wants more Nepali people to try the convenience and ease of online shopping. 

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With the recent success of Infi Kitaab Karnival, a two-week-long book campaign, with which books were made available and affordable all over Nepal, the company has definitely helped cultivate the reading habits of many Nepali youths. For the campaign, the company had collaborated with many bookstores from all parts of Nepal whose sales had been impacted by the pandemic, making Infi a one-stop book hub and Nepal’s Largest Online Bookstore with the largest SKUs of books.

4. Heritage Publishers & Distribution

This online book store is specializing in selling textbooks on subjects such as accounting, agriculture, biology, botany, chemistry, civil engineering, etc.

Also, Heritage Publishers & Distribution also sells children’s books too. You can see easily pay for the books through e Sewa or PayPal.

It is located at Bhotahity, Kathmandu.

5. Pairavi Prakashan

This online book store sells books on categories such as an anthology, law, books for loksewa, comic books, children’s books, dictionary, magazine, Vedic literature, Yoga, Vaastu Shastra, and several more books that you can find in their online site.

The books that are sold on the site are mostly written by local Nepalese writers who are masters in their crafts. Books are available in both English and Nepalese versions.

The location is at Putalisadak,Kathmandu.

6. Thuprai

Thuprai is an online book store that sells several Nepalese novels in the market. The novels are also available in the English version too.

The site also provides e-books. Furthermore, Thuprai also keeps on updating sites by regularly uploaded new books release on its website.

The location is at Koteshwor, Kathmandu.

7. Ratna Books

One of the popular book distributors in all of Nepal, Ratna Books also has ventured into the world of online book service. In their site, the online store offers a wide range of books that can you browse.

Through Ratna Book’s online store you can get the best selling novels of Nepal at a reasonable price. You can also get 10% off if you spend a minimum amount of Rs 800 on their site.

The location is at Bank Road, 71 ‘Ga’, Bagbazar, Kathmandu.

8. Wonder Books Nepal

Wonder books Nepal is a fine online book store where you can find and access tons of non-fictional books.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

If you are a fan of non-fiction books, then look no further, go to this site as it provides a reasonable discount to its readers.

The location is at Koteshwor,Kathmandu

9. Hamrobazaar is one of the best online sites in Nepal which helps Nepalese people to buy a wide variety of new and used products.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

In this site, you can buy at an affordable price several high-quality novels books written by local and international writers.

Their location is at Kupondole,Lalitpur.

10. BooksNow Nepal

It is the biggest online bookstore in Nepal. The main objective of BooksNow Nepal is to make millions of books accessible to enthusiastic readers of Nepal at the lowest price available.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

The bookstore has lots of international novels and Nepalese novels written by the greatest mind in the world.

Their location is at Kathmandu.

11. Himal Books: Book Shop

Himal Books is a book company that has its own distinctive identity in the Nepalese book market. It is committed to the publication and distribution of books.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Himal Books offers a diverse range of books and categories such as socio-political subject, children books, novels, and many more which comes in both English and Nepali languages, etc.

Their location is at Narayan Gopal Sadak, Lazimpat, Kathmandu

12. Okdam

Like Daraz mentioned in the list, OK Dam also sells books such as novels written by Nepalese and foreign writers.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Besides this, the online store also sells beauty healthcare products, Men’s and Women’s Fashion products, TV, electronic appliances, Sports, fitness, outdoor stuff, groceries, daily needs, and many more.

Their location is at Samakhusi, Ranibari Road, Kathmandu

13. Ekta Books

One of the recognizable book stores in all of Nepal. Ekta Books has made a special place into the heart of longtime Nepalese readers who loves good books.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Ekta Books has large numbers of books that cover the interest of several demographics. The book store has something for everyone. From children, students, poets, novelists to ordinary people, this book store is a heaven for book lovers.

The shop is located at Thapathali, Kathmandu.

14. Pilgrims Book House

This book store has been in the Nepalese market since 1984. The specialty of this place is it provides some rare books which cannot be found in all of Nepal.

Lists of Online Bookstores in Nepal

Apart from providing several categories of books such as novels, comic books, graphic novels, encyclopedia, dictionary, academic, journals, etc, the Pilgrims book house also sells maps, souvenirs, playing cards, small statues, and maps.

Their location is at Chaksibari Marg-16, Kathmandu, Nepal

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