IELTS Speaking Test 2021

IELTS Speaking Test 2021

IELTS speaking is one among the other 4 modules of IELTS assessment and arguably the easiest section to score the good markings.

It only lasts for 11-14 minutes and the pattern is the same for all the candidates of separate categories. i.e same for either type

  • Paper-based or computer-delivered
  • General training or academic IELTS.

In the context of our country, it is conducted prior to or post your writing test on a separate date. Describing Ielts speaking, it comprises of 4 different segments in general.

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They are:

  • General introduction with a greet and ID check
  • A round of general and social Q/A for 4-5 minutes (Part 1)
  • Speech for 2 minutes on a certain topic and possible Q/A for 1 minute(Part 2)
  • A discussion or Q/A for 4-5 minutes(Part 3)
Note: As a candidate, you should always remember that IELTS speaking is not about any sort of formal or academic speech or discussion.

Common topics for IELTS speaking

IELTS speaking

As IELTS speaking is not a formal or academic discussion, the topics for your speaking are social and general oftentimes. Your examiner will question you with the matters which everyone is generally familiar with within society. some of the common topics for IELTS speaking have been enlisted below according to the speaking parts-

Part 1

  • Home
  • Country
  • StudyFashion
  • Party
  • Entertainment
  • Work
  • Sports
  • Hobby
  • Gardening
  • Pets etc

Part 2

E.g: Topic on fashion

  • A favourite pair of jeans you recently bought
  • Where did you buy that from and how much did it cost you ?
  • Do you compromise on your favourite wardrove over your budget ?
  • What fashion means to you ?

Part 3

  • What is your ambition in life ? If you have thought of any
  • What does your career mean to you?
  • Can a person complete his entire living with out any proper objective?
  • Will you be happy if you have to compromise your goals?
  • If you have to choose between your career and family?
  • Where can you picture yourself in ten year’s time?

Tips on IELTS speaking

  • Have yourself an english speaking partner before your exam date to gather your confidence for few days.
  • The major key to score in speaking test is your confidence level and the level of comfort you may pose with this language before your examiner.
  • Try to adjust quickly with your environment and always keep your cool.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask your examiner to repeat the question incase you don’t understand but make sure your tone to be polite.
  • IELTS speaking test is basically to find out about how you can relate yourself with english language so don’t expect of some technically charged questions. Even if you are not familiar with certain matters then at least try to make yourself more relevant with the subject.
A happy face
  • Be fluent and do not worry much about making grammatical mistakes. Grammar is always there but remember eveyone has their flaws.
  • Face your examiner with a good confidence and gesture it through your body language.
  • As you are allowed to take notes for your second part of speech, try to make most of it and don’t get nervous while looking at your points.
  • Avoid looking at ceiling and walls while you answer but your examiner and try not to take long pauses while you speak.
  • Though you have freedom of speech in speaking test, do not deviate from the main theme when you answer. Remember thats a HUGE NO.

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