15 English and Nepali Raksha Bandhan Quotes And Wishes of Love

15 English and Nepali Raksha Bandhan Quotes And Wishes of Love

Raksha Bandhan is not just a day. It is the time of love for the brothers and sisters that nothing else compares with.

It’s time for the Happy Raksha Bandhan wishes and quotes. It’s that time of the year for the brothers and sisters to send and relay the love messages through words or expressions. This Janai Purnima 2078, with the world problem in an alarming state, you shouldn’t forget to love and spread the love.

Some Wishes and Quotes in English and Nepali that you can use to share your Love for your Brothers and Sisters with the perfect message that carries all that you want to say. Celebrate the day of love, and remember to wish a Happy Janai Purnima and Raksha Bandhan to your siblings from our side too.

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Raksha Bandhan Quotes and Wishes in English

  1. I remember when I first met you. You were just a little bundle, but most importantly you were the happiness that I felt at that moment, and it has never left me.
  2. When I tie this thread around your wrist, it not just bonds the thread together, but brings the whole universe into it. That is why no matter what, you are always a special part of me.
  3. Doesn’t it seem like a fate that you and I were meant to be siblings? Your face resembles mine, your behavior does too. This really seems like a miracle! 
  4. When gods united to find a solution to the problem of the world, they created brothers and Sisters. This was what I saw in my dream last night. But really, you seem to be that creation of gods.
  5. We fight, we cry, we scream. And most of all we care. Every time I have cried, you, my brother have done your best to calm me down. And that is what I love the most in this world.
  6. Happy Rakshya Bandhan to the Most stupid fellow I have ever known. The one who loves and cares even when he receives none of it back. I am proud to be your sister. But, still, you are that same stupid for me, nothing will ever change. Love you.
  7. When we tied these threads around each other’s wrists, I never realized we were expressing our love and togetherness through it. Now that we have grown and the distance has taken its space, this thread means much more to me. It’s the bond between us that will forever grow.
  8. When we were small, I never really had any bad moments. I always thought I was the lucky one. But in reality, it was you. You made all the moments that made me feel invincible.
  9. May all your wishes come true! My Hero, my Brother, may you win the world and be the greatest one. I want everyone to see what a hero you are.
  10. Happy Rakshya Bandhan to you! May you be successful this year, so I can get a lot of treats and gifts.
  11. I used to fight whoever said that my sister was bossy and vain. I have grown, Now I just say,” Oh Yeah, She is!”. Happy Rakshya Bandhan to you, Sister!
  12. There might have been other words to say this, but this is the best I found. “ You are lucky that you have me.” Happy Rakshya Bandhan!
  13. Festivals are the times where we sit and act to be loving siblings. Deep inside we are just bidding time to be wild maniacs, who cannot stay without pinching and poking each other. That’s a Happy Rakshya Bandhan message for you, my Sister!
  14. If someone asks what true love is, It’s a plain and simple answer.
    The one in between brother and sister. They love and care and still fight for all the reasons in the world. It lasts with the bond that has been formed since birth.
  15. I had the greatest childhood. Not because of the luxury of happiness, but because of you. If it hadn’t been for you, it would have been bland and faded. Thank you for coming into my life.
Raksha Bandhan Quotes with lovely Brother and sister smiling in a lovely way
Raksha Bandhan Quotes with lovely Brother and sister smiling in a lovely way with rakhi
Raksha Bandhan Quotes with lovely Brother and sister love and kiss with some flower filters in janai purnima

Some Raksha Bandhan Wishes and Quotes In Nepali

Little brother with his sister in rakhi puja raksha bandhan janai purnima quotes and wishes
  1. जिन्दगिमा सबै थोक फेरी-फेरी पाउन सके पनि आफ्नो दाजु भाई र दिदि बहिनि खोजेर नि पाउन सकिदैन । 
  2. भगवान हुन्छन, तर अगाडी भेटिंदैनन । तर आखा अगाडी नै भेटिने भगवान हो मेरी दिदि । 
  3. यो धागोमा बनिएको बुट्टा सरि तिम्रो जीवनले नि रंग र खुसिको चित्र कोरोस । 
  4. टुक्रिएको डोरी सरि छ यो समय । कति बेला कसलाई, कस्तो मोडमा लाग्छ पत्तै हुदैन । तर यो मेरो आशिस छ, जहाँ जस्तोमा नि तिम्रो समयको जित् होस् । यो डोरीले तिमीलाई सदै घर तिर फिर्ता डोर्यावोस । 
  5. झगडा र मायाको बन्धनले बाधिएका हामी । लाग्छ यहि रक्षा बन्धनकै भरमा टिकेको छ । 
  6. जीवनमा धेरै साथीहरु भेटिए । कोहि बीच बाटोमै छुटे त कोहि त्यहाँ सम्म पनि संगै पुगेनन् । तर तिमि भने मेरो जीवनको सुरुवात देखि मसंगै रह्योउ । मेरो जीवनको पहिलो साथीलाई रक्षा बन्धनको शुभकामना ।
  7. अरुसंग त आफ्नो दुख व्यक्तमात्र गरिन्छ, तर दाजु भाई दिदि बहिनिसंग त्यो दुखसंग लड्ने साहस सिकिन्छ ।
  8. आमा बुवाले गरेको मेहनतलाई सम्मान गर्न मैले मेरो दाई दिदिबाट सिके । त्यहि सम्मानको साथ यसपालीको रक्षा बन्धनको शुभकामना गर्दैछु ।
  9. बाटो धेरै देखियो तर सहि त्यहि लग्यो जुन तिमीले मलाई देखायौ । 
  10. अभिभावक पछिको दोस्रो शिक्षकलाई रक्षा बन्धनको शुभकामना ।
  11. शुभकामना दिने धेरै हुन्छन, तर आशिर्वाद दिने धेरै कम । त्यहि अमुल्य आशिर्वाद दिने दिदि र दाईलाई रक्षाबन्धनको शुभकामना । 
  12. मलाई तिमीले पहिलो पाइला चाल्न सिकाएका त हैनौ तर जीवन जिउने सिप भने पक्कै सिकायोउ ।

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