Best Guide To IELTS Listening Test 2021

Best Guide To IELTS Listening Test 2021

Talking about IELTS listening, it comes as one of the 4 modules in IELTS and is considered an integral part to increase your overall score. It is conducted on the same date along with reading and writing.

There are 4 sections in listening out of which 40 questions will be asked in aggregate. The total time for listening is 30 minutes where the examinees will be provided with extra 10 minutes, in the end, to transfer their answers to the answer sheet.
Remember that you will not be provided the extra 10 minutes in the end as your answers are already there but you will have 2 minutes to review your answers.

Sections of IELTS listening

As is already mentioned, there are 4 different sections in IELTS listening. They can be enlisted as below –

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  • Section 1: Social contents
  • Section 2: Social contents
  • Section 3: Educational contents
  • Section 4: Academic contents

Section 1

In the first section of your listening test, the contexts will be very social. It is always a conversation between two persons and most of the time, it is a phone conversation enquiring to gather some information. e.g a phone inquiry to book the hotel reservation or for course registration.

Section 2

In this section, there will be only one speaker talking about certain things to his/her audience to give some information and the contents will be social. A perfect instance will be of a hotel supervisor briefing about the facilities that are available or a tour guide explaining the historic importance of the area.

Section 3

IELTS listening section 3 has three or more participants discussing a certain topic and the subject matter will be academic. This section is generally difficult than the previous 2 sections as you will need to figure out the different voices and the names with many pieces of information too.

Section 4

IELTS listening section 4 is strictly academic and considered the toughest part among its other sections. It can also be said as an academic lecture by a single person in an academic script.

ielts listening

IELTS listening question types list:

  • Form completion
  • Table completion
  • Summary completion
  • Note completion
  • Flow-chart completion
  • Sentence completion
  • Math the headings
  • Multiple choice questions ( MCQs )
  • Map labelling
  • Diagram labelling
  • Project/Plan labelling

Tips for IELTS listing test:

  • Before anything and everything else, ensure the accessories provided to you by the examiner are in proper working order.
  • Be very specific about the timing and practice unless you are comfortable with the speed of the records.
  • Make yourself familiar with all the question types and record playing formats before you book the date.
  • Above 90% of the records in IELTS listening is in a British accent, so keep yourself acquainted with the British accent. To say that be familiar with Indian, Chinese, Arabian, American and Canadian accents as well.
  • As the records are played only once, maintain your concentration throughout the record for the whole 30 minutes.
IELTS Listening
  • Follow each and every instruction carefully before you answer. e.g only one word, one word or a number, one number and a word, etc. These instructions are a must.
  • As listening is multi-tasking, keep your sense alerted with the next question too when you are searching for your possible answer.
  • Don’t panic if you can’t locate your answer soon because many times the needed answers may have been arranged after a long gap of time.
  • Don’t keep predicting the answer for the same number too long, if you happen to miss out on any then move on with the next number.
  • Use only a pencil.
  • Be careful with your spelling as IELTS likes to keep it very strict.
  • While you answer, mind about all the basic grammar rules of English. All the punctuations and agreements need to be accurate in IELTS.
Best Guide To IELTS Listening Test 2021

Lastly, don’t leave any questions unattended. Make optimum use of the last 10 minutes which will be given to copy your answers in the answer sheet from the question paper and predict the most possible answers from the record. Don’t forget to check whether that word sensibly agrees with the sentence or not.


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