How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

Me, Sexy? I’m Just plain ol’ Beans and Rice

– Pam Greir

But what’s wrong with being a Beans? You can still be a bean and be beautiful and sexy – as long as you know how to grow Bean sprouts!

Do you know how to grow Bean sprouts though?

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The process of growing Bean Sprout is not as complicated as you might think. All you need to be is, keep it moist and give it enough sunlight. But why would even want to grow how to grow bean sprout?

Why Grow Bean Sprout?

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

Well, the first reason for you possibly wanting to grow bean sprout is – food.

You can add this ingredient into virtually every food and the taste won’t change all too much. Sure you will need to chew a bit if you don’t soften it enough but that’s about it. Since the base taste of bean sprout is fresh and savory, it goes well with a lot of foods. On top of this, it is a core ingredient of one of Nepal’s best-known Food – Bhatmas sadheko and Kwati

The next reason is health – this thing is healthy.

Health Benefits You would want to know before Growing Bean Sprouts!

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

If you didn’t know bean sprouts have 0 Fat in them. On top of these, they are rich in calories, proteins, carbohydrates, fibers, and sugar. Add the fact that they also contain Vitamin C, Calcium, and Iron and you have a food that can be considered as a Superfood.

Due to these nutrients Bean sprouts can:

  • Help in Managing High Blood Pressure
  • Can slow the growth of Cancer Cells
  • Improves Digestion
  • Aids in Improving Eye Health
  • Balances Cholestrol
  • improves Heart Health

With all of these health benefits and their versatility, why would not want to know How to grow bean sprouts?

How to Grow Bean Sprouts at Home!

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

The process of Growing Bean sprouts in the fields is rather hard. You would need to worry about the water level, Humidity, fertilizer quality, Fertilizer type, fertilizer quantity, humidity, and so on.

Thankfully when you grow bean sprouts at home, these things are not much of an issue. The main reason behind this is that at home, we don’t grow a lot of bean sprouts so we don’t need to know about all of these things stuffs when we are asking “how to grow bean sprouts at home“.

Since we are growing sprouts and not the actual beans, the process is a lot quicker. So if you need a lot of bean sprouts you can prepare multiple batches rather quickly. The sprouts take around 2 days to grow under ideal conditions.

But as it is really hard to create ideal conditions, the growth time can take anywhere from 2 to 5 days under normal circumstances. Before we learn How to grow Beans sprouts at home, there are few things we need to prepare. These things are:

  • Sprouting Container: these can be anything from a cup with a large base, a big bown to a jar
  • Sprouting Screen or Mesh: This can range anything from a steel mesh Net to pourous clothes
  • Water: as per the need

And once you prepare these, you will have everything you need to grow Bean Sprout at home.

5 Steps on “How to Grow Bean Sprouts at Home?”

How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

The process of growing Beans sprouts at home is rather simple. All you need to do is soak the beans and give them enough sunlight. Yes, it’s that simple. As long as you don’t drown the beans in the water and give them enough sunlight as well as air, you will grow your own beans sprouts at home. With this being said, let’s talk move on to the steps.

  • Step 1: Clean the Beans and keep them in a container
  • Step 2: Fill your sprouting container 2/3rd full and cover it with a Sprouting screen or a Mesh
  • Step 3: Drain the water and rinses it thoroughly.
  • Step 4: Invert the Container at an angle so the beans will drain and air will curcilate
  • Step 5: Rinse and repeat for 3 to 4 times a day

You need to do this consistently for a few days till the beans sprout. The Good news is that beans sprout doesn’t need much of anything besides this. That being said, it is a good idea to let it get some sunlight.


How to Grow Bean Sprout at Home- The Easy 5 Step Process

So with all the benefits of a bean sprout and the easy method of cultivating it at home, what is preventing you from doing it? The health benefits are immense and anyone can prepare this material that is versatile in a wide range of dishes.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us known them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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