5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu

5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu

Hello foodie!!
Want to taste Chinese Food?
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If you are a Foodie, then you always want to feel different tastes. Taking regular stuff may get boring and create lesser excitement. To feel different tastes try Chinese foods. Good foods never fail to make us happy and excited.

Chinese food is one of the most popular food all over the world because of its distinctive style and texture. Chinese food and its preparation process are influenced by two major philosophies – Confucianism and Taoism. 

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Restaurant  For Chinese Food In Kathmandu Valley

Chinese Food is very sophisticated, so we must be careful when selecting a restaurant for Chinese food.  A good Chinese restaurant must be able to reflect the customs of Chinese cooking and give the customers original and cultural Chinese tastes.

Here, we will discuss the best Chinese restaurant in Kathmandu valley where you can experience original Chinese flavor.

1. China Town- Chinese Restaurant & Bar

Chinese Food
China Town Chinese Restaurant and Bar, Lazimpat

China Town – Chinese Restaurant & Bar is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in Kathmandu. This restaurant is more popular than others among Chinese food lovers. Because of its delicious stuff and warm hospitality, it is bombarded with tons of good comments and recommendations. According to the reviews, “If you enter here you would automatically percept that you just landed in China”.

Chicken, Ducks, and vegetables with Chinese flavor make your food more delicious and appetizing. It is located in Lazimpat and opens from 11 am to 10 pm every day.

If you are thinking about fulfilling your appetite for Chinese food then make sure you visit China Town- Chinese Restaurant and Bar.

2. Hello Kitty Chinese Restaurant

5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu
Hello Kitty Restaurant, Thamel

Hello Kitty Restaurant is located in the central city heart of Thamel Kathmandu and serves the finest Chinese, Thai, and Nepali food. It is an authentic Chinese Restaurant and accepts credit cards.

Opening time: 6.30 AM to 10 PM
Contact Number: 01-4419137

You can also check their email [email protected] . For more contact, you can visit the site Tripadvisor.

3. Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant

5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu
Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant, Thapathali

If you looking for a good Chinese restaurant then Tian Rui Chinese Restaurant is a good place to go. It is a very good Chinese ambient restaurant with a wide variety of foods selection. The restaurant is spacious with a private cabin, perfect for family gatherings. It offers authentic Chinese food with local fare, friendly staff, and warm hospitality. This local fare and warm hospitality make the Tian Rui more special among other Chinese restaurants.

It is located in Thapathali, Kathmandu and for more detail, you can visit there or contact it at 014243078.

4. China Garden

5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu
China garden Soaltee Crown Plaza, Kathmandu

China Garden is a multi-award-winning outlet, for its excellent hygiene standards, service, and cuisine, and acknowledged as the best Chinese restaurant in all of Nepal.  You can stroll the grounds in peace and absorb the mountain view that surrounds Crowne Plaza Kathmandu-Soaltee.

It is located in Tahachal Kathmandu, Nepal, 4 km from the palace and temple of Durbar Square in the city center. You can host the beautiful banquets, conventions, and conferences there too.

Contact Number: + 977-1-4273999(6540)

5. Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

5 Best Restaurant For Chinese Food In Kathmandu
Yangling Tibetan Restaurant

Yangling Tibetan Restaurant- Probably the delicious, cheapest, and cleanest Chinese Restaurant in Kathmandu valley.

It is a lovely place right next to Thamel but away from the intense touristy/traffic intensity.

One of the best stuff about it is momos. Their chilly momos are hard to beat. And other tibetan cuisines from them are also irreplaceable. If You like Chinese then this is the right place to visit in Nepal. Due to their cheap cost, good hygiene, taste, and spices, I will highly recommend you to visit it once.


In the above article, we had made the top 5 list of Chinese Restaurants in Kathmandu Valley. Chinese items are very sophisticated. So, we must be very careful while selecting a Chinese restaurant. Restaurants must understand the customs of Chinese cooking and be able to give the taste of china.

It should serve the customers the best dishes in terms of hygiene, flavor, and freshness. The prices of the food should also be set reasonably. Furthermore, the restaurant’s environment must be clean, hygienic, fresh, cozy, and comfortable.


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