10 Best Must-Eat Dishes In Bhaktapur

10 Best Must-Eat Dishes In Bhaktapur

Are you a foodie?

If you are a food-lover then you must try all the food we are going to list.

Bhaktapur is a wonderful place of art, its architecture, and sculpture which is world-renowned (Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Natapole temple).

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Time flows admiring its beauty. Newari people living there are not only rich in their culture but also famous for their food.

Must-Eat Dishes In Bhaktapur

“If hungry go to Bhaktapur”

Here is a list of dishes which you must try while going there.

Juju Dhau

Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

It is one of the special varieties of curd which is so sweet and will full fill your thrust.

Bhaktapur is famous for its amazing ‘Juju Dhau’, also known as ‘King of Curds’. 

Juju Dhau is made of fresh buffalo milk and served in a small clay pot. Sweet, creamy, and thick with a crunchy layer, Juju Dhau is seriously the best yogurt I’ve ever tasted.


BestBest 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur  10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Another famous specialty in Bhaktapur is ‘Bara’ (also called ‘Wo:’ in the Newari language), a Newari pancake made from black lentils and spices. 

You can add other items such as eggs, spinach, minced meat (buff or chicken mostly), etc.

Bara is usually served with an amazing gram curry on the side.

Samay Baji

Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Samay Baji, also known as the ‘Newari Khaja set’, is probably the most famous Newari dish in Nepal. 

The Newari meal comprises a lot of different items, including beaten rice, soybeans, boiled beans curry, spicy meat, spicy potatoes spinach, lentil pancake, fried boiled egg, pickles, sliced ginger, and many other items can be added.


Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Choila is grilled meat (buffalo, mutton, chicken, or pork) that is known for its spiciness. While making it the meat is blackened and crunchy on the outside and pink and tender inside. Then, the meat is marinated in a combination of spices.

Often served with Chhyang (a local alcoholic beverage made from fermented rice), this mouth-watering specialty is most of the time eaten as a snack. It is a famous dish all over Nepal.

You will truly like Choila if you taste it.

Aalu Tama, the Healthy Stew

Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Aalu Tama is a curry stew made of Aalu (potatoes), Tama (bamboo shoots), and boiled black-eyed peas. It is often served with chiura (beaten rice).

It is a perfect healthy winter dish. 


Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Sekuwa is a traditional Nepali barbecued skewered meat. The best sekuwas are roasted directly over an open fire. You can still find some eateries in Kathmandu that use this method.

Sekuwa is probably my favorite Nepali dish. It is mouthwatering whether of chicken, buff, goat, or pork. 


Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Kachilaa is marinated raw minced Buff meat which has a different level of taste.

Kachilaa Anda Fried is another variation: you add Anda (an egg) and you fry the Kachila.

It is super tasty!


Best 10 Dishes to Have In Bhaktapur

Yomari is a Newari delicacy that is very popular in Bhaktapur. It is a steamed rice dough filled with brown cane sugar, ghee, and sesame seeds (Chaku). We’ve also tried the other version with Khuwa (condensed milk). Usually, people find its taste different and its uniqueness makes it tastier.



Kulfi is a traditional Indian / Nepali ice cream made of milk, cashew, almond, and cardamom. You can find Kulfi all over Kathmandu now (even all over Nepal really). But the best place to try Kulfi is Bhaktapur.

Thon (Chhyang)

You will get drunk if you drink a lot- The speciality of Chhyang.

Thon, also known as Chhyang, is an alcoholic Nepali beverage. It is also known as ‘white rice beer’. It is very different than Aida, which is a Nepali wine. Chhyang can be quite strong, even more than Aida. Most spicy snacks, and dishes in Nepal are eaten with Chhyang on the side.


10 Best Must-Eat Dishes In Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is an evergreen spot to go with friends. The arts, architecture, and sculpture from the ancient time period it’s so fascinating making us want to know more about the history of Nepal. Along with the arts and museums, Bhaktapur also offers us a wide range of traditional Nepali dishes which are very delicious and unique. So, whenever you go to Bhaktapur do not forget to have all the foods listed above. Thank You!!!!

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