Things to Consider When Buying a Camera for Vlogging

Things to Consider When Buying a Camera for Vlogging

If you are a beginner in Vlogging and looking forward to purchasing your new Camera for Vlogging, then you have to consider the following features:

Lens: A good lens has a wide aperture that captures more light. Some of the best 50mm lenses have an f/1.8 aperture. This also gives you nice aesthetics, as you are able to achieve the blurred background effect with a wide aperture.

Portability: For vlogging, you need to buy a powerful and small size camera so that you can carry everywhere, pack easily, and more powerful imaging setup.

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Image Stabilization: Stabilization is extremely important for the Camera for Vlogging quality and your viewers’ experience. You need to look for optical image stabilization or 5-axis image stabilization.

Sensor: Sensor size should be considered because a larger sensor can capture more light, which is important for vlogging.

Autofocus: Because most Vloggers are working alone when they are vlogging, they can’t be behind the camera to monitor the focus of the lens. This is why the autofocus system enables the camera to keep track of you and to make sure that you always stay in focus while you’re recording yourself.

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Battery life: As a Vlogger, you’ll need to film for long hours. This is why it’s important to have a good battery life as a major consideration when purchasing a camera to vlog on. Ideally, you’d want a camera with the ability to change batteries. Have two or three spare batteries that you can change over with. Or alternatively, buy a camera with the ability to keep on filming while plugged into power to charge.

Image and Video quality: Image and video quality are very important. Currently, smartphones and compact vlogging cameras provide 1080p (Full HD) or 4K (UHD) which is popular among viewers that records in high resolution. It is necessary to have a high-performance computer to work with 4K whereas a lot of people are still using their smartphones with resolutions up to 1440p to watch the videos, so your stunning 4K vlog might not be seen to the full extent.

Durability and waterproof: Since the Vloggers have to shoot videos anywhere in any condition so it’s better to have a durable and waterproof camera.

Flip Screen: Flip screen comes in handy when you need to record yourself. Vlogging often involves this kind of recording, so having a flip screen is always a plus.

Weight: The vlogging camera should be lightweight so that a Vlogger can hold the camera easily.

Audio: Audio quality is very important to grab the attention of the viewers. When you buy a vlogging camera, make sure the built-in mic is of decent quality, or, make sure there is a 3.5mm audio jack for external microphone use.

Wifi: WiFi helps to set the camera with your smartphone. It will also let you upload videos to YouTube without using cables. Basically, all cameras from 2014 and up come with Wi-Fi function

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