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World After Pandemic: Pros & Cons of Pandemic for Future World

Many of us are worried about COVID 19. People suffering from this disease are thinking

Bright Side of Lockdown

At present, every people around the world are in lockdown enforced to stay within their

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Expression is the act of making known one’s thoughts or feelings through the face. Expressions

Have you used these basic A to Z of SMS Lingo

AAM As a matter of fact AB Ah bless! ATL Addicted to love AFAIK As

Do you know these Internet Slangs?

Internet slang is also called AOL speak. AOLese, AOLbonics, Netspeak, or Leetspeak. While it does

Some Flirty SMS to Send Your Crush or Lover

1+1 = 2 eyes look at you 12+12 = 24 hours thinking about u… 3+4

Some latest & New SMS

Cell Phone causes Radiation & it results in Brain Damage! But You are safe, it