Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

When you think about Youtubers in Nepal, you don’t think about them too much. Let’s be honest we don’t believe that YouTube is a reliable platform to sustain our livelihood especially since we in Nepal do not have good technology or internet speed for that matter. Contrary to what you may think, some people have made YouTube their livelihood. Those Nepali who are on YouTube are not just for show and they do earn money.

This is a thing that not a lot of people know. Along with that when we say Nepali Youtubers there are a few faces that flash across our mind almost instantly. That is unless you do not know any of them or have been staying off the internet for a long time. Names like Sisan Baniya, Bhagya Neupane are those which flash across our mind and there is a reason as well. Sisan Baniya made Vlogging popular and Bhagya Neupane can be credited with making the YouTube Journalism a mainstream media.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

Now whether or not these things are good or bad are up for debate and we are not here to do that. Today we are here to look at 10 popular youtubers in Nepal. 

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1. The Cartoonz Crews

Who has not heard of Cartoon Crews? They are among the most subscribed YouTubers of Nepal. With a total count of 2.06 million subscribers, they are quite famous. With their main YouTube content being dance videos, we have to say that they are doing quite well. Now if you have been on the hot topics for a while you may know that the original Cartoonz crew had 7 members with Sabin Karki (Beest) being one of them. Following their recent fallout, there are only two members in the group who are Saroj Adhikari and Ashma Bk.


But despite all these they are still as popular as ever with their recent video “B3 a short horror movie” getting over 383thousand views over the course of the week which may not seem much but is still a lot. Consider this, one earns anywhere from 25NRs to 5000NRs per 1000 Views on YouTube depending on their contract, and considering this, even if their deal was 25Nrs per 1000 views this would mean that over one week they have earned over 7 lakhs deducting the internal charges.

2. Iamsega (Sagar)

Given his random upload schedule, it will be no surprise that you may not have heard of him. Well whether you know this or not but he is among the famous YouTubers in Nepal. Unlike Cartoonz Crew or most of the other YouTubers, IamSega does not have a fixed format or a genre of uploads. Sometimes it is Vlogs, sometimes it is reaction videos, sometimes it is his edits and sometimes it is his comedy skits.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

But despite this, he is pretty well known in the YouTube community and the reason is his sense of satirical and everyday humor which incorporates in almost every video that he makes. With over a 1.1million subscribers he is doing pretty fine in the world of YouTube. One cannot deny his humor and his influence in the world of healthy comedic skits in the world of Nepali YouTube.

3. Vten

If you are into Nepali Rap then there is no way that you don’t know who Vten is. Whether you love him or hate him, you cannot deny that he is one of the most influential figures of the youths. His rap style is a bit unorthodox one must say as it is neither pure lyrical rap nor mumble rap. He combines both of these opposite sides in the Rap industry seamlessly.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

You may hate him for his random songs or love him for his deep lyrics, it is no doubt that he is among those few people in Nepal who take music seriously and is not just using it as a means to get popular. When he first started his journey he was considered to be one of those rappers who pop out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere but he has stayed all those years. With more than 1 million subscribers in his YouTube channel and an average of 1million views per video one can say that he is among the famous Nepali on YouTube.

4. Ming Sherap 

If you want to call someone the king of Comedy skits in Nepal, then this is the guy you want to give that title to. Unlike Iamsega who does not have a genre, Ming has a genre and it is the genre that makes him popular which is comedy skits and videos. With his dumb and relatable humor, it feels like he gets generations. If you are ever bored and feeling dull, go over to his channel which has over 764thousand subscribers, and binge on his videos.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

One thing that you should do while watching his videos is shut down your brain as there is nothing too deep in his videos and they are light comedies meant to enjoy without any satires or disses or anything for that matter. You can call his comedy to be of “a slice of life” genre as they are more or less related to the mundane life of our Nepali Youths. Also while binging his videos you have to be wary of some short skits which are less than 1 minute just so that you won’t be disappointed. 

5. James Shrestha

This is the only reaction channel on our list and the only Nepali whose YouTube channel is mainly a reaction channel. Although he does do other sorts of videos like vlogs and short comedies, that is not his thing. If you are older than 10 years of age, then you might know that James Shrestha originally started as a rapper but that did not work too well for him. It’s not that he has got no skills though but just that it is not his forte.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

With the subscriber count of over 738thousand, you can easily call him the biggest reaction Channel on YouTube based in Nepal. Once you will see his channel you will notice that he does live streaming as well as reacting to things while talking over a call with someone. He does have a unique sense of humor and if you listen carefully you will find a lot of hidden jokes. Unlike other reaction channels that exaggerate their expressions, he gives natural ones and is a pretty chill guy. 

6. Sisan Baniya

Are you into Memes and Vlogging? Then you know who this guy is. One can say that Susan Baniya is an entrepreneur in Nepali Vlogging and also the guy who brought this form of media into the mainstream. With his long beard, and long hair he is often a meme character in Nepali memes. This category means which are meant to poke fun at the closest perverseness of males. That aside, his vlogs are informative and detailed and his presentation as well as the way he captures the beauty of the places he travels to is good.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

Regardless of whether you like him or not, you have to give him credit for his videography and skills in editing as well as the details of his information. Wanna visit a place but don’t know anything, browse through his channel and you might just find a vlog of the place you are looking for. With an average of 100thousand views per video, he is doing well in the Nepali Youtuber community and is gaining popularity fairly well. 

7. Bhagya Neupane

If you are into Nepali News and Journalism, then you know who this person is. Just like how Susan baniya can be said to be the person who brought vlogging into the mainstream media of Nepali, you can say that Bhagya Neupane brought the concept of YouTube Journalism into the mainstream media. WIth a total subscriber of 382thousand, it can be called a lot, especially since most of the Nepali youths who use YouTube as their main source of media are mostly not into journalism. He is the only one in our list of Youtubers who has his primary genre as News and Journalism and this is already a big deal.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

In recent times, there has been a backlash over the concept of YouTube journalism as it is said that this violates the human right of privacy but then again this type of journalism can reach places where no mainstream journalism can. So it is up for debate on whether or not this form of media is right or not but for the time being, Bhagya Neupane is doing fine with his YouTube career with an average view of 50 thousand per view. Although he has not posted anything for over 6 months now when he does post things you can expect him to blow up again. 

8. Uniq Poet

For those who are into deep lyrical Rap, he is the guy to go to. With his unique style which seems like a combination of J Cole, Lamar Kendrick, and Eminem but not quite, Uniq poet or Utsaha Joshi are among those Nepali Rappers who have been acknowledged by foreigners. Now although they may not understand the words those who have been into rap for some time understand the flow and the rhymes of the rap and they have acknowledged that Uniq Poet has that.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

With over 263thousand subscribers in his YouTube channel, he may not be for everyone as he talks about the grim reality of our Nepal and Nepalese people through his rap and music. The good thing about that is that if you want to know what is going on in Nepal without the news, he is the guy to go to, and the better news is that it is not all that he talks about. If you listen to him, you will get that 2000’s Eminem vibe and feel nostalgic for his dark songs. There nothing else to say about this guy beside that he is a lyrical genius and is among the best rappers of Nepal. 

9. Kushal Pokhrel

The thin guy who makes videos in his room where the majority of the roles are played by himself, talking about issues in Nepal and dumb adult jokes in a satirical way. This is basically what Kushah Pokhrel is. He is known for his adult humor content with lots of swearing and a lot of pervert humor but alongside that, he is also known for exposing the everyday issue of the Nepali Youths.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

There is a disclaimer before every single of his videos telling you to wear headphones. This is because of the swearing that he does but despite that he is quite a funny guy and his 168thousand subscribers on YouTube will be proof of that.  We all enjoy good adult comedy and humor and we all enjoy satires on famous people and ongoing issues so if you want that, he is the guy to go to. Just be sure to do as he says on his disclaimer. 

10. Bishal Gautam

We all know him as the guy with the curly hair who makes bauhn jokes and uses a lot of cuss words with one word being his favorite. If you don’t know who he is then you probably have been off Facebook for a while. He is the guy who makes heavy issues feel light with his humor. Bishal Gautam is a person that follows the classic comedian troupe of “Satire on the current issue and trends” with his twist.

Top 10 Famous Nepali Youtubers in Nepal

Although he may not have many subscribers on his YouTube channel which is only around 131thousand, the views on his videos cross well over that number quite often. What makes him special among other comedians is that he is not ashamed of making fun of himself or his group and is not afraid of making offensive jokes. A comedian should know that a joke is a joke and is meant for fun so and that one cannot please everyone and people are going to get offended. He is someone who knows that well and we can see that in his unapologetic comedy skits and videos. 

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