Why YouTube Journalism Is Popular But Criticized In Nepal?

Why YouTube Journalism Is Popular But Criticized In Nepal?


Journalism is unbiased production and distribution of reports on current or past events based on facts and supported with proof. Basically there are two types of journalism: – traditional journalism -citizen journalism Traditional is the pre-existing form of journalism that we see on the TV and newspaper. The other form is the citizen form that is practiced by the normal citizen of a nation. Often times traditional form of journalism is very superficial that’s where citizen journalism comes to action it can be deep-seated and extract the core of the information. Moreover, it is very beneficial for collecting public opinion and that is exactly what we will be discussing today.
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In the last few years in Nepal, the rationale development in telecommunication has acclimatized people from TV and newspaper to social media for news and broadcast. Parallel to its citizen journalism took over the traditional form. That etymological meaning of journalism has changed from accuracy independence impartiality humanity and accountability to pick up a camera and shoot account to go see the core values of journalism aren’t obeyed. These channels are entirely based on public impressions.

The core of this journalism is hollow yet purposeless to society. In the present context, citizen journalism in Nepal is very vague and is yet to develop a conceptual framework and guiding principles. It is heavily populated and hasty. There are re-occurring unethical practices unverified news breaks, misleading new stories and more importantly portraying suspects as criminals. These news stories are mostly intended for multiple clicks to generate revenue like Google ads sponsorship and have nothing to do with real journalism.

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So you might be wondering how is this bad?

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For us, the reason is pretty clear it is crushing real journalism. This means the audience is getting aware of the issues that are not even important to them in the first place. There are many other topics that need to be uncovered through journalism. Journalism is the fourth arm of the nation, it is purposed to check transparency, accountability in the country, to collect facts about the government question them regarding the steps they take. There are more important issues in Nepal that need to be uncovered. Like gender issues women safety poverty unemployment illiteracy women safety, public project, and whatnot.

So you might be wondering why do the videos get on trending ?

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The one and the only reason is an emotional provocation. Sympathy, sorrow, and all the extreme emotion that you could really think of by the audience. The majority of the videos are based on the simple logic of emotional provocation basically manipulating everyone emotionally through the feeling of pity and soreness for someone else misfortune. And it is human nature to share something that evokes high arousal of emotion. Our actions are integrated with our emotions.

Our choices are triggered by emotion that includes sharing content. Now is this wrong then it should be banned the right? No, it has helped the poor like Ashok Darji to improve living standards. It has been the way for the people to express themselves who cannot afford the expenses of the mainstream media. But the thing is it should at least follow the ethics of Journalism.

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