5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

Trial examination.

One of the most annoying, yet necessary exams that we have to go through with. The nerves, the tension, and the excitement for this day are kind of overwhelming for everyone. If you pass the exam, then you WILL get wings, if not, the same thing over again. 

I know it can be nerve-wracking to wait for your turn in the queue for the trial examination. Standing directly below the sun, tolerating the heat, thirst for water, yet you still quietly wait for your turn without moving anywhere. You’re as focused as a tiger looking at its prey. 

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However, there are some things you need to consider before giving your trial examination. 

1. Practice on the trial location

The first thing you need to do on the day of your trial is to wake up early, and rush towards your trial examination center, and start practicing right away. You will know the examination trial course more, and might also come up with few tricks toovercome certain obstacles. the eyes of traffic police there to examine you. 

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Completing the trial course at your trial examination center will be a great boost in your confidence. So, if you’re nervous about your trial examination, go practice at the trial location. They will charge Rs 500 for a bike or a scooter and Rs 1000 for a car, with a total time being 30 minutes. 

2. Start practicing 2-3 days ago

Yes, I just said practice on the day of your trial. But it does not mean you should practice only on that day. Start practicing 2-3 days prior to your trial examination day. Since you need to start from the basics of the trial, it will take you a good amount of time to get the hang of the trial course. 

5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

At the trial center, they can charge from Rs 300 to 500, per hour, depending on the place for a bike or a scooter, and Rs 1000 to Rs 1400 per hour, for a car. 

3. Don’t get overconfident 

Now that you have practiced thoroughly, for a couple of days and also on the day of your trial examination, the one thing you should not be is to become overconfident. You will start becoming careless, start turning a blind eye to the minute details, which will result in you dooming your trial examination. 

5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

So humble yourself, and give your examination with confidence. Because you never know, anything might happen.

4. Stay calm and focused

There are too many things going around while waiting for your turn in the trial examination center. You see people everywhere, talking about all the random stuff, and honestly, it can get you distracted. With your mind being confused and overwhelmed because of the wave of emotions you are having, it is easy for you to get distracted. 

5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

In case you get distracted and stop feeling the necessity that you have to pass the trial on the first try. Remember how much this exam means to you and get your focus right back. 

5. Observe other people giving trial

All the above things to remember are the internal factors. There are external factors as well, such as; observing other people’s trials. By doing so, you will know on what course most people fail at, and where you need to be the most careful. 

5 Sure-Shot Tips: Pass your license trial examination in first try

If you are smart enough, you can also choose the best vehicle for yourself by adjusting the queue, either by moving 1 step or 2 steps backward. 

There will always be a huge number of people applying for a new license. Each of the processes; the registration process, the written examination, and the trial examination will take 3 – 4 hours every day. Make sure to separate 3 days off of your schedule, so that you won’t intercept your work with your exams. 

You must probably be giving your trial exam very soon if you’re reading this. If it is, then ALL THE VERY BEST

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