What to Do if I Lose My Driving License?

What to Do if I Lose My Driving License?

We have previously talked about “How to get a driver’s license?” and “How to renew your driver’s license?”. Now we will talk about the license again. As the topic says, what can you do if you lose your driver’s license? How can you get a new one? Well, we are here to talk about just that. There are a few things that you can do to make this process easier for you if you haven’t lost your license yet. That is to keep a soft copy and a photocopy of your license with you. It comes in handy a lot more than you might think. Now if you don’t know how to get a license, just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Get the License Renewal Form

What_to_Do_if_You_Loose your Drivers Licence

As with every other, this is the first thing to do. Unlike PAN card and citizenship you don’t really need to file a complaint. This is because the complaint is filed to just be sure that your lost license is not misused. So you have to go to your VDC or Municipality and ask for the renewal form. Now this will give you some time to arrange the documents and prepare for the upcoming steps as well. 

Step 2: Prepare the Documents

What_to_Do_if_You_Loose your Drivers Licence

After filling the forms, you have to prepare all the documents required. They are your original citizenship, your blue book, the softcopy of your license or a photocopy. If you do not have a softcopy or a photocopy of your license, it will be a bit harder. This is because you will have to show some proof that you had one before. You can do this by either showing the chit that you got before the previous licenses or find the bills of your first license. 

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Step 3: Get the Recommendation Letter for the Renewal

What_to_Do_if_You_Loose your Drivers Licence

Now once you have gathered all the documents you have to go to Traffic police headquarters of your respective sector and request the recommendation letter. For this, you have to show your documents as well as the form that you filled. After the submission, you will have to wait for two days before you receive the letter. 

Step 4: License Renewal Forms

Once you get the recommendation letter, you now have to go to the Department of Transport Management. You have to fill the form after showing the recommendation letter and your documents. Then after the form is filled you will have to take the standard eye test. Along with this, you will have to take the color vision test as well. The reason why eye and color vision tests are taken so often is that the human eye degrades overtime. So just to ensure that you can see clearly and don’t cause accidents, this is done. After the eye tests, you will have to pay for the license renewal fee. 

Extra Step: File a Complaint 

What_to_Do_if_You_Loose your Drivers Licence

Just like with the PAN number and Citizenship, the first thing that you have to do in case of a lost license is to file a complaint. It is an important part of your identity and contains quite a few details such as your license type, your location, your citizenship number, and your passport number as well. If someone with enough skills finds this, then you will be in for a lot of trouble. Your license can be sold in the black markets and people can commit traffic crimes in your name as well. So the first thing that you should do is file a complaint. Those without their license can still use it to avoid fines but that is about all that can be done once your complaint has been filed. 

Notes: Time and money

After this, you just have to wait. Unlike when you renew your license or make an original one, this takes a lot less time. You should get your new license within a month. As for the money, it depends on what category you have as we all know that each category of license costs differently but for an A and A1 category this process takes around Rs. 1800 including the renewal fee and the fee for the forms as well. 

You can fill the form online here

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