6 Most Expensive Liquor Brands in Nepal

6 Most Expensive Liquor Brands in Nepal

Do you enjoy drinking and partying with your friends without getting hangover the next day?

You have landed in a perfect place! You should definitely look through this list of quality fluids.

God loves us and wants us to be happy, and liquor is confirmation of that. And he’s showered us with a wide range of options. While most of us drink to get high, there’s a lot more to it than that. There are certain liquors that are outstanding due to their complex scent and taste qualities. The more costly, the better the liquor is, and the better the ingredients and distillation procedures are. All of that luxury, however, comes with a price.

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Premium Liquor Brands in Nepal

Here is the list of Premium liquors that are made in Nepal:

1. Old Durbar Blended Malt Scotch Whisky

Old Durbar: The best liquor in Nepal
Gaudakomukh liquor shop, Pokhara Nepal

This Blended Malt Scotch Whisky is matured for 15 years in AMERICAN OAK BARRELS, then 4 years in OLOROSO SHERRY BARRELS, and further 1 additional year in PEDRO XIMINEZ BARRELS. The manufacturers of blended Single Malt Scotch Whisky only release 2500 bottles of the single malt Scotch Whisky each year, which makes it unique.

This Blended Whiskey contains 42.8% of alcohol. It has a rich, robust flavor with warming layers of oak, vanilla, and coconut overtones.

Rs: 15,000 (750ML)

2. Yarcha Gumba Golden Sapphire

Yarcha Gumba
GaudakoMukh Liquor shop, Pokhara Nepal

Yarchagumba Golden Sapphire is a luxury blend liquor. It contains “Yarshagumba”. This beverage is organic wheat alcohol prepared with a Yarchagumba base and infused with a variety of additional herbs and ENA to give it a unique radiance. No chemicals, flavors, or colors have been added.

Yarchagumba has a reputation for boosting the immune system. Yarchagumba is said to have the capacity to suppress cancer cell proliferation, improve renal function, and aid in the treatment of respiratory disorders such as asthma.

Rs: 11,000 (750ml)

3. Bandipur Blended Malt

Bandipur Blended Malt
Gaudakomukh Liquor shop, Pokhara Nepal

Bandipur is Nepal’s first and only 100% pure blended malt Scotch Whisky. Smooth, rich, and well-balanced.
The Bandipur label is constructed of Italian paper that has been decorated with German foils and gold layers. A first in the subcontinent, printed with a UV LED technique with low emissions.

Rs: 4,200 (750ml)

4. J89 Select Case

J89 Select Case

Any good whiskey starts with high-quality barley. This is why the J89 Double Wood Edition starts with the best Scottish barley, which serves as the foundation for the rich, fragrant aromas that follow. The rich aromatic taste imparted from the J White Oak barrels will greet you first, followed by a dash of raisin sweetness taken from the sherry cask and topped with a caramel finish.

J89 is a unique whiskey by mixing our 12-year-old Scotch Malts with matured spirits, maturing it in Scottish J White Oak Barrels, and finishing it in the renowned Pedro Ximenez Sherry Casks from Spain.

Rs. 4,000 (750ml)

Don’t drink & drive!

5. Himalayan Reserve

Himalayan Reserve

The Himalayan Reserve Whiskey is a masterfully blended medium-bodied premium reserve whisky with fruity flavors, spices, and touches of smoke, crafted with the finest 12-year-old aged Imported Scotch Malt, Scottish Grain Spirits, and Himalayan spring water. For a remarkable depth and exceptional complexity, it was meticulously aged in a blend of three separate casks: Oloroso Sherry barrels, first fill Bourbon barrels and ordinary whiskey barrels. Chill-Filtered.

Inspired by the climb of Everest, this piece was handcrafted in the Himalayan Mountains.

Rs: 3,300 (750ml)

6. Gurkhas & Guns

Gurkhas & Guns
PC: Gaudakomukh Liquor Shop, Pokhara Nepal

Gurkhas & Guns Finest Blended Whiskey is a tribute to the famed Gurkhas, who are known across the world for their courage and chivalry. It’s a wonderful combination of highland malts aged in American Oak Bourbon barrels, combined with a unique 10-year-old Speyside malt finished in Sherry barrels. The end product is a sweet, smooth flavor with several layers of distinct flavors.

This excellent whiskey, unrivaled in quality and flavor, stays faithful to the Gurkhas’ tradition and spirit.

Rs. 2,850 (750ml)


6 Most Expensive Liquor Brands in Nepal
Gaudakomukh liquor shop, Pokhara Nepal

Liquor is a most consumed item in everyday usage, mostly on festive occasions in Nepal.

Nepal drinks a lot of imports, primarily scotch, but it also makes plenty of whiskeys itself. We concluded with an expensive Nepali whiskey. Maybe it’s time to try some for yourself. Cheers!


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