Top 10 Teej Songs to Dance During Dar Party

Top 10 Teej Songs to Dance During Dar Party

What’s your favorite song to jam for this celebration?

With 2078 Teej just blooming around the corner, it’s time to plan for the huge celebration. Along with fasting, different Teej songs to dance with friends and family is the highlight of this festival.

It has always been a tradition to sing and dance during this time. It has been building up as a regular tradition every year. New songs hit the market regularly for the very purpose of meeting the time of popularity. But well, there are some that have never been replaced with the new ones. So, here are some Teej Songs through the years till present, that are going to rule this festive time of Teej and for more years to come.

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List of Teej Songs

Teej Songs Celebration

Here we have prepared the list that you can always move your hips to. If you love music then with these songs, you wouldn’t even have to wait for the next Teej.

Teejako Rahar Ayo Barilai

The is a song that has gripped the celebration of every Nepali woman. Everyone has heard and danced to this song, from the old to the new young generation – it is loved by all. The song was released as a movie soundtrack for the Kanyadan movie. The vocal from Purnima(Sushma) Shrestha, Deepa Jha, and others, has done a huge influence to make the song what it is today. Since its release in the ’90s, the song has been embraced by all Hindu women as the official track for the yearly celebration of Teej.

Poila Jana Paam

Now this song is the one that established the trend to bring out exciting songs for the Teej festival and musicians grabbed that opportunity to show their creativity. The viral song before viral was a thing in Nepal, Komal Oli set the stage for the Teej songs to be creative and something that all people can enjoy in these festive times. A personal story of her life that set the sarcastic tone of getting married with the blessing of Lord Shiva, this is a fun song that you can move to for this and for every Teej that will come to be.

Komal Oli has many more songs dedicated to Teej that she did release as a regular update to the new trend of each year.

“पोइल जान पाम्” तिज गित | Poila Jana Paam – Komal Oli | Nepali Teej Song

Chitikkai Vachu Re

Chittikai Vachu Re is a song that has been making enthusiastic women dance every year. It shows the important aspects of why Teej is so bright of a festival for a woman. Sindhu Malla the astounding singer has dedicated the whole album to bringing amazing songs for the Teej and ever since she has been contributing with amazing dancing songs that take the ground for Teej Celebration throughout Nepal. Her Album Chitikka Vachu re consists of other important Teej songs like Rato Sari too.


rato shari

Barta Garaideu 

This is a story scripted song of a clash between wife and husband. Though not completely related to Teej Festival. The song has a base of fans who credit it as a Teej song and act it out at parties for dance and fun. The song plays an informative story of the two families and does the best justice to manage the trouble between husband and wife. Song by Various Artists like Sindhu Mall, Rajan Raj Shiwakoti, Ramchandra Kafle, Shiva Pariyar, Mandavi Tripathi and ruled the Television in its prime days.

Barta Garaideu – Rajan Raj Shiwakoti, Ramchandra Kafle, Sindhu Malla, Shiva Pariyar, Mandavi

Hai Mero Fariya

The Teej song trend of back-to-back success goes almost synonym with the name, Bishnu Majhi. The resounding voice of hers does justice to almost every song that she has ever sung. This song ruled the year with its release getting the play over every celebration. First the voice, then the lyrics, and the music. It has all come together to make this song an unforgettable one for all the Teej Celebrating women.

HAI MERO FARIYA | हाई मेरो फरिया | Bishnu Majhi New Teej Song | Official Video Ft: Samjana & Anita

Bicha Bicha Ma

The song was the King of the Songs the year it was released. The transition from the traditional song to the modern Teej Song, Durgesh Thapa brought the twist in that story and made something extraordinary in a simple use of Keeping it cool. Bicha Bichama not only became famous, but it also shook YouTube and almost every place. Everyone knew the song and everyone danced to the song. The males got to contribute a lot through this song and include themselves in Teej. Now, the song has more than 15 Million views on YouTube and still plays relevant to every year’s Teej. 

He has been giving continuous sequel updates of the songs since then. We are at Part 5 right now. Let’s expect more to come. It’s fun.

Hami Pani Nachnu Parchha Bicha Bichama “Kacho Katar” Rocking Teej Song by Durgesh Thapa Obi Lomash

Ayo Teeja Ko Lahar

The song suited with the melodic voice of Melina Rai broke the boundary of songs when it was initially released. Balanced with the relevant story lyrics and classic Teej sound, the song made quite an impact and stayed in people’s minds. What more? The rerelease of the song for the year 2021 has broken its previous record with many others. This year’s list of Teej songs has been added to quite a competition too. It will be quite a fun dance segment for the Festive moments.

AAYO TEEJAKO LAHAR | Official Teej Song 2021| Melina Rai Ft.Prisma & Princy Khatiwada (Twinny Girls)

Aayaun Cheli

The song from the rising singers of the year Eleena Chauhan, Samikshya Adhikari, and Rachana Rimal made quite a presence last year. The song garnered record-breaking views on YouTube. The success of the song has carried itself to this year, boosted with a new release of Yo Rato Gala with a similar Festive Teej mood. 

Aayaun Cheli – New Teej Song By Eleena Chauhan,Samikshya Adhikari, Rachana Rimal / Ghanashyam Oli

Soche Jhai Jindagi Rahinachha

The most trending song from last year, Soche jhai JIndagi raincha depicted the relevant story of Corona and lockdown that prevented the celebration of Teej as compared to previous years. The song not only trended on YouTube but also had a strong following on Tiktok. Its melody is quite catchy that people cannot easily forget the song for a long time.

Chari Jalaima

Another huge song of the year 2078 is Chari Jalaima by Bishnu Majhi again. With Bishnu Majhi you only get the best. That has been proved by her past works, that does not need to be defined at all. And this year’s crown of Teej song goes to the song as well, with huge views in such a short period of time, along with the controversy of relating it to the singer’s personal life, this song took a shape of its own. Highlighting the reality of many middle-class family women, it has not just spoken but screamed through.

Before You End This Article

Teej is the festival that almost every Nepali women wait for for the whole year. The Fasting and Puja, with songs and celebrations of almost a week or more, are some highlights that will let us know that Teej is almost here.

Songs that are dedicated to Teej and these songs which speak the story of women and their lives are always a connection to how women of our country have celebrated this Festival. These are some of the songs that have broken the record with each passing Teej year after year.

Give it a listen, if you haven’t already!

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