5 Important Skills you have to Learn before Graduating.

5 Important Skills you have to Learn before Graduating.

Okay, you might go through your college days, excited about the successful career you’re headed to. But do you have all it takes to excel in life? College also focuses on the skill that we need at our job, which might not be enough. So here are the five important skills you have to learn before graduating from college and being exposed to the real world.

1. Networking and Connecting with People

Networking is a very important skill when you go out in the real world. When it comes to building a career, you don’t really want to make enemies out there. You might not be able to please many people, but maintain a good connection with many people. Your strong networking capabilities will bring out you more opportunities personally or you get to collaborate with different brands. Learn how to have a small talk with people to understand them. Make sure you make a lasting impression with most people.

“Your Network is Your Networth,”- Tim Sanders.

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Networking skill

2. Accept Criticism

People are full of themselves and are very sensitive to criticisms. Not everyone has thick skin to handle every sort of criticism. Sometimes you get criticisms by people to pull you down, which might be hard. But there are people who give constructive criticism. They want you to improve and focus on your weaknesses. You should be able to accept your weaknesses and then take constructive criticism with an open mind.


3. Being A Team Player

You might have been all alone and still succeeded in your academics. But in real life, you should learn to be in a team. You might not be able to succeed alone in life. You will have to work in your workplace in a certain department with the team. You can’t work alone without your team to lead your brand or lead your department in the organization. You have to learn how to leverage your strengths and the strengths of your teammates to get the job done. When you are a part of a team, you need to know how to collaborate effectively with others. Bein a team player is how you get your team, your brand, your organization towards the way of success.


4. Public Speaking

Public Speaking is a common skill everyone needs to possess. You don’t have to be the best public speaker with the ability to talk in front of thousands. Speaking in front of a group is inevitable in many college courses as well as in the workplace, so honing public speaking skills can be extremely beneficial. It helps people organize their thoughts and present them wonderfully. There will be cases where you will have to do a presentation in front of people and you can mess up that opportunity. A person possessing public speaking skills can present himself effectively in front of others. Not only that, but they will also be able to construct arguments backing them with supporting evidence.

Public Speaking skills

5. Versatile Writing & Computer skills

Like networking and building connections, you need to know how to be a versatile writer. You will use the effective use of words when sending out a memo about a change in procedure or an upcoming meeting. You might also need to write a proposal which should be very impactful with the correct choice of words. You need to know which voice to use to effectively communicate with a broad range of audiences.

Writing & Computer skills

With every sector getting digitized, you also need to possess a basic knowledge about how the technology works and some basic computer skills. Spend some time using and becoming familiar with Microsoft Office or Google Office Suite, as well as some standard photo and video editing tools.

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