5 Important Life Skills That Nepali Schools Aren’t Teaching

5 Important Life Skills That Nepali Schools Aren’t Teaching

Schooling is and always has been a major part of our life. Most of us know the importance of school and would even have second thoughts about if Schooling is important. There are many skills that we could have never learned without school. But there also life lessons schools, Nepali schools to be more specific, haven’t taught us. There are many lessons that schools have failed to teach us, out of which I have listed the five most important ones:

1. Mental Health

Although being an important topic, mental health was never something people talked about. People have been aware of this, but they still consider it a taboo. It is a serious issue and anyone could be diagnosed with depression or any mental illness. To bring mental illness into the mainstream world, teaching it in school is important. It will also help individuals be aware of their mental condition and fight it as soon as possible.

Mental Health

2. Financial Literacy

People have realized the need for financial literacy. The number of People struggling with taxes and finances is very high. Knowledge about PPAN, Business PAN, VAT is very unknown to people. Financial Literacy also includes managing finances, savings, and debts. This isn’t a random trend to hop on and teach these in schools, this is a very important skill to learn. Not every person can manage finances naturally, people don’t save, fall in debts and it becomes very hard for them to come out of that. If people learn about finances early in their life, it will be better for them to have a comparatively better financial status.

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Financial Literacy skills
Financial Literacy

3. Self-Awareness

Blaming others has been the easiest way out for many people. They always look forward to blaming others instead of being aware of our own mistakes. Self-awareness is also deemed as a necessary tool towards success. Our syllabus has always been inclined about other study materials. But the focus in schools also should shift towards understanding ourselves. Emotional Intelligence should be part schooling where they teach about understanding emotions and dealing with it.

Self-Awareness skills

4. Problem Solving

The traditional schooling system has been very basic. School basically teaches a right and wrong answer for everything. We are taught if answer A is right, then other options are wrong. We depend on the book for everything, and anything outside the book will be considered wrong, and that’s not how life works. The present schooling system should incorporate courses focusing on the problem-solving abilities of the kids.

Problem Solving skills

We can’t divide all situations into right and wrong or white and black, some problems are in-between, with different options available which are right in their own places. Incorporating problem-solving skills into schooling can help students tackle real-life situations comfortably rather than them learning problem-solving skills the harder way with getting into real-life challenges.

5. Stress Management

Let’s admit it, with growing age all of us are stressed. For some, it’s academic, for some its job and for some, it can even be family stress. But how do we really deal with stress? It’s no surprise that with a lack of stress management, the suicide rates are also getting higher. Stress and anxiety hit people faster than they actually realize, which could also lead to depression.

Stress Management skills

With more stress, the quality of life of a person also decreases. As stress increase, people do not tend to enjoy life as they used to. The physical health and the brain’s cognitive ability also degrades due to stress which makes them incapable of solving insignificant problems too. Stress management must be incorporated into the school’s syllabus students as it helps in enhancing productivity.

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