Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

If you have ever watched a foreign movie/ series, you know that a part-time job as a student is normal in other parts of the world. This is not so much the case here in Nepal, where students are compelled to study full-time and do nothing else. Jobs can be beneficial not only because you will have an income, but also because it helps in all-round development. Jobs can be a great source of education and knowledge.

If you are a student and are thinking of doing a job instead of asking your parents for pocket money, here is a list of possible options for you.

1. Child education platforms

Recently there has been a rise in child-edu platforms in Nepal. If you don’t know what that means, these are educators providing extra-curricular courses, workshops, and other child-development services. These platforms are mostly online now so you will be able to work from home too.

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Since the learners are mostly small kids, high skill is not required to teach them. Hence, these organizations look for teenagers and young adults and employ them. You can use this to your advantage and apply it to one. If you have extracurricular skills like art, music, dancing, you can impart them to others and learn a bit in the process too. Some examples of these organizations are Grooming Tales, Circus Kathmandu, Children’s Art Museum and so on

2. Freelance writer for magazines

Currently, Nepali magazines like ECS, Spaces also hire young and aspiring writers and pay them per content. You will require a high level of writing but the pay is quite good if you can get the job. Normally you will be paid around Rs 500 per article.

Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

You can dedicate around 1-2 hours of your time every day and generate a decent earning. Again, it is essential that you are a very good writer but if you are, then this is a very good option for students.

3. Blog writer/ Content Writer

This job is much like the previous one, but with much higher availability and lower threshold. You need good writing skills but comparatively lower-skilled writers can also get this kind of job. The pay is about Rs 200-500 per article depending on the demand and quality of the organisation you are working for. This is a great option for students because you will find plenty of jobs like this on the internet and timings are completely flexible. Right now especially, this is the best option for students since you can work from home without any commitment whatsoever.

Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

If you want to build your CV for online content writing, you can write volunteer articles for us too. Refer to this page if you want to volunteer for us.

4. Counter/ Reception jobs.

Another popular part-time job can be being a receptionist. Companies like Vianet, Worldlink, Bhatbhateni regularly hire teenagers for this kind of job. New restaurants and departmental stores will also take you without any hassle. One disadvantage of this is the lack of flexibility. You will have to commit certain hours to the job, but the pay is stable and good.

Be mindful of your studies if you want to take this option. Since you are committing time, unlike other jobs on the list you will have to effectively manage your schedule.

5. Online outsourced jobs.

This is another great option if you don’t have any particular skills. Online outsourced jobs don’t require any prior experience or talent. You will do simple mini-jobs like making a Gmail account for someone or sharing someone’s YouTube video and earn. Pay is about 10 cents for a 3-4 minute job so if you can continuously put effort, you will earn a healthy amount.

Nepal E-commerce is a major company providing these kinds of jobs. This is a great option too because of the flexibility it offers. Jobs are available 24/7, and the more you work, the more you can earn.

Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

6. Online Language Translators

If you are an avid English and/or Hindi speakers, a plethora of opportunities is already open to you. You can translate for foreign clients and earn money. You will need a broker company that will convert the money to NC for you, but that isn’t very hard to find right now.

If that feels like too much hassle, you can work with Nepali companies in need of translators too. The pay will be comparatively low if you choose this option. Again, the major benefits are working from home, flexibility, and a decent earning. Additionally, you will also be honing your language skills if you choose this option.

Best Part-time Jobs for Nepali Students

Choose one of the many options we have laid out for you and gain a sense of independence. Especially now, these jobs can be a way to utilize your free time as most of these jobs are home-based. If you are more interested in that and are a little more skilled than a student, check out our article here.

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