IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

English is a confusing language.

Like, why are there so many silent letters? Why are Ball and Bawl are pronounced the same exact way? Why is “Ch” in child pronounced as “Ch “sound but as “K” in is chaos?

Maybe this is the reason why Nepalese like us need to take IELTS and ace it to get any hope of working, studying, or migrating to countries with English as a native language. That being said it is not just the English language that is confusing. Even the test for this language is Confusing. 

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Yes, IELTS is a confusing concept on its own. For instance, do we use a pen or a pencil? Do we have to take all 4 of its test in one single day or do we get some break in between – how much does it cost?

These are all some of the burning questions in the mind of people who have either studied for or thought about giving an IELTS exam.

Today we will answer most of these burning questions for the IELTS exam.

19 FAQ’s about IELTS Exam

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

As we mentioned IELTS is something that is shrouded in mystery – even for those who have studied for it. The format of the exam is relatively unknown and the rules are not made explicitly clear to the examinees. Due to reasons like these, it is natural for people to ask questions about IELTS. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions about IELTS.

1) What is IETLS?

IELTS – which stands for International English Language Testing System is a test that is meant to tests a person’s capability with this language in order to determine if s/he is eligible to work, study or migrate to countries where the native language is English. This includes countries like Australia, England, Canada, and the USA.

2) Where can we take IELTS tests?

There are a lot of IELTS test centers in Nepal spread across 6 major locations. These locations are:

– Biratnagar
– Birtamode
– Butwal
– Chitwan
– Kathmandu
– Pokhara

Besides these, you can take an IELTS online as well – but this is only available in Kathmandu valley.

3) When is the IELTS test in Nepal?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

There are 48 fixed dates for the IELTS test each year and you can choose from any one of them up to four times a month as per your need.

Besides this, if you are someone in Kathmandu valley and an online platform is available for you, you can take any one of the sessions that are available up to two times per day.

4) Is IELTS on the computer different?

The online tests are similar to the physical ones in terms of context, level of difficulty, and questions. The only change is the medium – i.e you will be typing instead of writing.

5) How much does it cost?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

The fees for IELTS depend on the country. In Nepal, the price for entering the examination are as follows:

IELTS on Paper – NPR. 23,000
IELTS on Computer – NPR. 21,500
IELTS for UK Visas and Immigration – NPR. 26,000
IELTS life Skills (A1 and B1) – NPR. 19,000

6) How do you Register for the Test?

There are two methods to register for an IELTS test

– Visit the official website of the British Council
– Create an online profile
– Pay the entrance exam fees

– Go to the British Council or IDP Indian Office
– Download an online form or fill in a paper application
– Pay the fee through a credit card or debit card

7) What do you do in case of a need for canceling or postponing an exam arises?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

While this is a bit troublesome, there is not much to worry about. All you need to do is contact the test center that you picked and inform them of the cancellation or postponing of the exam. While this is rather easy, here are a few things you should consider:
– Your examination fee will not be returned if you cancel within 5 weeks of the test – unless you can provide a medical reason with evidence
– You will need to cancel or postpone the exam due to medical reasons, you will need to provide a report within 5 days of the exam. If you manage to do this, you will receive your exam fee back minus the administrative costs.
– If you need to postponed or cancel the IELTS exam due to circumstances that are beyond your control, then your exam will be shifted to the next closest date

8) Are all the tests taken on the same day?

In general, the reading, writing, and listening tests are taken on the same day. As for the speaking tests, it is taken either one week before or after the date of the three tests.

You can choose when to take the speaking tests in most of the centers and in some test centers, you will even be able to take all tests. So the answer to this frequently asked question for the IELTS test is – it depends on the test centers but generally speaking, you will be able to give a reading, writing, and listening test on the same day.

9) What can you bring during the examination?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

Similar to all the exams the only thing that you can take out during the examination are only the necessities, which in this case are pencil, erasers, sharpness and a pen

10) What accents can you use during the Tests?

Since IELTS is a test of overall English capability, you can use any accent from the countries whose native language is English.

11) Can you use capital letters?

You can use capital letters in reading in all the tests that require writing as per your need.

12) How are the Tests Marked?

IELTS uses a 9-band scoring system and you will receive individual marks based on your performance in each test along with an aggregate score on a scale of one to nine.

13) What writing medium is preferred?

You can use either pencil or pen during the writing test of the IELTS exams. However, you must use Pencil during the reading and listening Exams.

14) How about making notes?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

You can make notes in any part of the exams in the question paper as long as it is not used for cheating.

15) What are the Pass Marks?

There are no specified “pass marks” for the IELTS exam as each examination center has set its own minimum score as a passing grade for the exams.

16) When will the results be announced?

You will get your Test Report Form after 13 days after your test. You will receive one copy of your test report form – unless you are applying for the citizenship and Immigration Canada (CAC) or UK border agency (UKBR). In such cases, you will receive two TRF’s as you must provide proof of application to both the CIC and UKBA

17) How can one get a TRF if the test center has shut down?

IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

You can get TRF after two years from the date of your test even if your test center has been closed down. To do this you will need to:
– Fill up a TRP application form along with your request for a TRF
– Include a scanned copy of your identification documents or your passport

Do keep in mind that TRF’s can only be sent to institutions and organizations so you will have to receive them from them

No fee is charged during this process

18) How soon can one re-sit the test?

There is no time delay or restriction that you need to follow to re-sit the test. As long as you feel like you are capable, you can apply for and give the examination.

19) Can one apply for a re-mark?

Yes, you can apply for Re-mark which is also known as Enquiry on results at your test centers if you are not satisfied with the marks that you got during the exam. Just be wary that you will need to do this within six weeks from the date of your exam and you will need to pay an inquiry fee.

If your exam had been wrongly graded, you will be fully funded.


IELTS: 19 Common Questions and their Interesting Answers

So these were some of the most asked questions for IELTS. While there are a few more questions that people ask frequently, they are similar to the ones we have here. But if you noticed, we have not covered FAQs for the specific tests within the IELTS exam. It is because they deserve an article of their own. Be sure to check them out on the link down below.

Hope you found this helpful. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end.

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