How To Handle A Wife – 7 Simple But Wonderous Tricks!

How To Handle A Wife – 7 Simple But Wonderous Tricks!

“By all means marry; if you get a good wife, you’ll become happy; if you get a bad one, you’ll become a philosopher.”

– Socrates

Judging from this quote, it seems like Socrates had a bad wife. Too bad this article didn’t exist during his time or else he would not have written this quote as he would have known how to handle a wife. 

Now by handling a wife we don’t mean to control your wife – that is not something that you should do. But instead when we say “how to handle a wife” we rather mean “how to keep her happy and handle the troublesome situations that you may face in marriage – mostly related to arguments”.

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Why Would You Need To Handle A Wife?

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Like we mentioned before when we talk about “how to handle wife” we don’t exactly mean wife but the arguments and trouble situations that may arise with wife. But why do these occur? Well, the reason varies depending on the couple but the following are some common causes of arguments and irksome situations with your wife or soon-to-be wife. 

Yes, we do acknowledge that quite a few of our readers are unmarried people and this is a heads up for them. Let’s move on to the reasons now. 

Conflicting Points of view on different things

This is one of the common and major causes of arguments in marriage. When both the husband and wife have different points of view on important things arguments are bound to happen.  While this can be solved rather easily if they become flexible, more often than not, a lot of people are not. 


This is also one of the reasons for arguments as well. When one in the pair becomes stubborn and is unwilling to listen to another one, arguments are bound to happen. 

When one dominates another

A marriage is like a bicycle where both of the wheels need to work in a smooth way. When one of the wheels, or couple becomes dominating, which in our instance is wife arguments are bound to happen. 

These are some of the core reasons why arguments happen within the marriage. While our focus this time is wife, do remember that husbands are just as guilty as the wife if they have this trait. Just because we say “wife” here doesn’t mean that husbands are guilt-free. They are humans after all and these are human flaws that can exist in both the Wife and Husband. 

How do you handle a wife?

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If both the husband and wife are compatible, wives or husbands don’t need to be handled. The concept of “handling a wife” or “handling a Husband” arises when a couple is incompatible. But that being said, there are a few ways on how you can handle a wife. Do keep in mind that these same things can be applied if the gender is reversed as well. 

Now let’s look at the Hows. 

1. Know her personality

You can easily handle a wife if you know how her personality is. If you know what she likes, doesn’t like, her desires and needs, then you don’t have to go that extra mile in order to handle her when her mood goes off or when she is not her usual self. You can just act accordingly as soon as you feel that her personality is fluctuating and avoid the arguments and situations where you would need to handle a wife in the first place. 

Prevention is always better than cure.

2. Be flexible

Knowing her personality and behavior is great but the thing is, personality and behavior pattern changes over time along with the needs and wants. If you want your marriage to be successful, then you will need to be flexible. Sure you can be stubborn sometimes but sometimes (more often than not) you will need to be flexible towards her needs. If she is insisting on something, as long as it is within your reach and doesn’t have any long-term negative impacts, you can adjust by giving in.

If the thing that she is insisting is not a good thing however you would need to find the middle ground if you want to handle a wife.

3. Find the Middle Ground

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So your wife wants something and is intent on it. But the issue is, the thing that she wants is either impractical or is harmful. What would you do? How do you handle a wife – your wife now? 

The answer is rather simple – find the middle ground with your wife. Talk to her and reach a point where both of your requirements are fulfilled but no harm is done. This middle ground is often the next best thing that suits her wish and needs.

4. Use Wise Words

While searching for a middle ground with your wife, you should be careful as well. If you don’t use the right words, then the advice above would be a perfect one for “how to piss off your wife” rather than for “how to handle a wife”. 

You are already rejecting her wish, be it harmful or impractical and if she is intent on it, she is already mad at you. If you use the wrong words and tone, then that madness won’t take long to turn into a rage of fire and engulf you. 

It is also a good idea to use the correct tone and words depending on the situation as sometimes a wise word and a nice tone at the wrong time might piss her off even more.

5. Find out the core

How to handle a wife

You see the good thing about using appropriate words and tone is it will calm her down and you can get to the core of the issue. Sometimes the reason she is mad at you or insisting on something is not related to what she says at all. She is instead using that as an excuse to make you know that something is wrong with or around her. 

Maybe it was something you did, or someone else did, or an accident or even something that she did, and she was angry at herself. Use wise words and the right tone to calm her down and find out the crux of the matter. Once you do, fight alongside her to solve that issue – not with her. In this way, you can handle a wife who is mad without shouting back or having any form of argument.

6. Clam her down

This is a bit of a different case. Sometimes the wife can go overboard with her needs or get power drunk if you fulfill her every need without any demands. In such cases, you need to calm her down and let her know how her actions are affecting your marriage and your personal life. When she goes overboard or gets power-drunk you need to let her know the consequences of her actions. 

While doing all of this, be sure to use a peaceful tone and appropriate words for if you don’t do this may escalate the situation. 

7. Be romantic

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It is said that a marriage without romance is a dead one. So needless to say, you need to be romantic with her and let her feel loved. The thing is, if you don’t let the romance die, then you won’t ever need to know “how to handle a wife” in the first place. 

She will know what to do and what not to do meanwhile considering your feelings and situation into account if you make her feel loved and protected. Even the most savage of the best can be calmed won with the power of love – she is just a human who wants love and appreciation. One only comes to the point of needing to know “how to handle a wife” if the wife if they set some boundaries and makes her feel appreciated.

So What’s The Conclusion?

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The conclusion is this, “in order to know how to handle a wife and the troublesome situations with her, all you need to do is understand her, set some boundaries, and not let the romance die between the two of you”. 

While all is being said, it should also be noted that this “handling” case applies to both wife and husband. The points we mentioned here can be used if we reverse the gender with the same efficiency as well. 

Hope you found this entertaining. If you have any feedback on this, do let us know them down in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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