How to Check Your Own Smart cell Number

How to Check Your Own Smart cell Number

Regardless of the reasons listed below, there comes a time when you need to remember your own number. And you DON’T.

You are filling up a form and you need to add your mobile number
You need to transfer balance
You are using an online wallet
You are trying to reset your password

And etc. Situations like this can put us in a bind since we don’t always have friends or family to call and ask for our numbers. Sometimes we end up embarrassed by this.

Because remembering a ten-digit number shouldn’t be a big deal, right?

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It isn’t really. The number is yours, after all. But why choose the hard approach when there is a smarter way.

Forget about memorizing those digits because like every other telecommunication company in Nepal, Smart Cell has also provided its customers with USSD codes for ease of use.

So let’s jump into our article for today: How to Check Your Own Smart cell Number

How To Check Your Own Smart Cell Number

Open your Phone Dialer.
Dial “*134# "and make a “call”.
You will receive your Smart Cell number on the phone display!

So, now you know how to check your Smart cell Number. Simply, use the Smart cell number code given above.

Easy Peasy, right?

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