How to Easy Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC

How to Easy Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC

If you are an NTC prepaid SIM user, you must have stumbled upon this question, How to transfer Balance from NTC to NTC? There might be instances where you are on the phone and your balance runs out or you are outside and you didn’t notice you had low balance and though you have the digital apps to top up the balance you could not use it because you have no balance to open the data and make a transaction. Been there and felt that!

Well, in this article we are going to address how you can transfer the balance from NTC to NTC using different methods which will help you out in different situations. So, without wasting any time, let’s look at the different methods you can use to transfer balance.

Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC


The USSD dial is the organic measure being used to transfer balance before any online payment gateways or digital apps and platforms were introduced. Simply follow these two simple steps to transfer balance using USSD dial method:

Step 1: Go to your message box type “SCODE” and send it to 1415 which will give you the security code which will be used to transfer the balance.

Step 2: Dial  *422*SecurityCode*DestinationNumber*Amount in Rs.#.

You can use this method to transfer the balance from prepaid to postpaid and prepaid to CDMA mobile users too.

Use Nepal Telecom App

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Nepal Telecom is a user-friendly app that gives you the feature of Balance Transfer. To transfer balance, simply follow the steps below:

  • Download the Nepal Telecom App from the Google Store or App Store and Log in with your Nepal Telecom account. If you don’t have one click on the signup option and create one.
  • Go to the Transfer Balance tab on the homepage and click it.
  • Insert “Recipient Phone number” and the Amount.
  • NTC then sends OTP (One Time Password) is sent to your message box.
  • Insert the OTP and confirm the balance transfer process.

Using Self Care Feature in the NTC Website

When you enter the NTC website you can see the SELF CARE button on the top right corner of the page. Simply, click on it and log in to your NTC account and if you haven’t got one, the process is simple, you just need to enter your mobile number and choose a password, and activated the account by entering the code to create the account. Further, the website will ask you to fill in your personal details to complete your profile and you are good to go.

Now, the process is simple, click on the balance transfer tab once you log in, enter the recipient’s mobile number and the amount and with just a click you will be able to transfer the balance.


  • Allowed Transfer:  Rs. 10 – Rs.500/Transfer & maximum 20 transfer per day
  • Balance Transfer is only available to Prepaid GSM users

Transfer Balance Using the ATM/Master Card/ Visa Card

How to Easy Transfer Balance from NTC to NTC

If you have the bank cards like ATM/ Master Card/ Visa Card, you can use them to transfer or topup the balance.


Step 1: Go to .

Step 2: Insert Mobile Number and Select ‘I am not a Robot’ captcha and solve it

Step 3: Insert the desired amount from the options shown

Step 4: Click on Confirm Recharge

Step 5: You will be directed towards the window which shows the field to insert your card details. Enter all the necassary card details.

Step 6: Check your mobile message box for OTP (One Time Password) code and insert the code. Note that the code is only generated and be used once and expires in less than 10 minutes.

Step 7: Finally, click submit and check if the balance has been topped up.

Note: If you have any issues regarding the top-up or balance transfer, you can either call the number 1498 or use the online chatbox on the NTC website to address your issue.

Use Payment Apps ESewa/Khalti/IMEPay/Mobile Banking App

These payment apps have an easy and efficient payment gateway with an option to top up and transfer balance. Simply use these portals to transfer balance.

Finally, these are five simple ways to transfer the balance from NTC to NTC. You can choose any method to transfer balance according to your convenience, though the classic USSD dial method would come in handy if you are in a place where the signal is weak and you can’t use the data properly.

Also read the FAQ section of NTC to get answers to the common questions and queries.

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