How to Check SEE Result 2079?

How to Check SEE Result 2079?

Is SEE result out yet? Yes!

For those old-timers out there who passed School ages ago, SEE or Secondary Education Examination is just a new name for SLC. And the current situation is that many students are waiting for its results to be published. 

But that being said, do you even know how to check to SEE results? 

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Without prior guidance, a lot of the youngins may not know how to Check the SEE results. Heck, some of you may even have forgotten how to check it if you are old enough. 

How to check SEE result 2079 BS?

How to check SEE result 2078

There are two main ways of checking the SEE results- going online or sending SMS. While you can technically buy a Gorkhapatra and check your see results there, it’s not worth the time investment. 

If you are someone who is rather young, before there was a computer and mobile phones (yes there was a time like that) we used to buy Gorkhapatras and check our SEE results there. Although it wasn’t called SEE back then but rather SLC. 

Was it slow? Yes

Was it frustrating? Definitely. 

But now we have modern means to check the results so let’s leave past in the past and talk about the modern methods to check to SEE results of 2079 BS

Through the Website

How to check SEE results for 2078?

In this day and age, the internet has become a necessity of the urban lifestyle. If there is no internet, the life of many people will halt. So we assume that a lot of you can go online at any given time of the day. This method of checking the SEE results relies on the internet. All you have to do is:

  1. Go to website that shows the results
  2. Click on “SEE results 2079”
  3. Enter your symbol number
  4. Click on search

Once you complete all of these steps your SEE results will be shown along with its mark sheet. Save it and print it as you will need it later on to make the character and Transcript.

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Through SMS

How to check SEE results for 2078?

SMS came before the internet in Nepal. This is a simple and effective way to check the results of SEE if you don’t have internet or are using a mobile phone that doesn’t have features to access the internet. That being said, the process of checking your SEE results through SMS is not the same all over. In fact, it depends on the server that provides the result. For this, we can send SMS to these three Service providers to request our SEE result.

Now let’s see how to get SEE results through SMS on different servers, shall we?

Check SEE result through NTC

Type SEE < Space> symbol number

Send to 1600

Check SEE result through sparrow SMS

Type SEE < Space> symbol number

Send it to 35001

Check SEE results through NCELL

Type SEE < Space> symbol number

Send it to 1600

Now besides these, you can also IVR to know your SEE results as well. All you have to do is dial 1600 and follow the instructions.

A few more things to know,

Besides this, you should also know the grading system used in SEE. While in SLC students were graded using the percentage system, nowadays they use a 4.0 scale GPA system. If we compare the olden percentage system with the GPA system, it would look something like this:

Letter GradesMarks: %Grades4.0 Scale
A+90 : 1003.6-4.0
A80 : <903.2-3.6
B+70 : <802.8-3.2
B60 : <702.4-2.8
C+50 : <602.0-2.4
C40 : <501.6-2.0
D+30 : <401.2-1.6
D20 : <300.8-1.2
E0 : <200-0.8

Before we go, 

Before we go, lets us remember that SEE is not the end of life. Even if you fail or get low grades in SEE, it’s just one step backward for you which can easily be recovered as long as you work hard enough later in life.

We often see people getting distressed when they fail to get an acceptable grade when they check their results for SEE. While it is natural to feel that, don’t let it determine the course of your life. You are more than just these grades.

Hope that this was helpful for you. If you have any suggestions for us, do let us know in the comments below. And as always, thank you for reading till the end. 

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