How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal in 2022?

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal in 2022?

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Today, we have come up with a very informative topic i.e UK Seasonal Work Visa.

You must have heard your friends talking about applying for UK Seasonal Work Visa or heard about it on TikTok, or found news about it on Facebook. If you have not heard till today, we are obliged to help you know about it.

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UK Seasonal Work Visa is an opportunity for people to go to the UK to work.

Grab this opportunity if your Dream country is the United Kingdom.

Today, in this article we are going to give information about everything you need to know about UK Seasonal Work Visa along with how to apply for it.

Let’s get started!!!

What is UK Seasonal Work Visa?

Uk Seasonal Work Visa which is also called a temporary working visa is issued by the UK government under which people who want to go to the UK can go there to do seasonal horticulture work with a sponsor who is an approved scheme operator. A person on a seasonal work visa can work for a maximum time period of 6 months in any 12-month period.

On a seasonal work visa, you can go to do work such as picking fruits, vegetables, flowers, agriculture, farming, and so on. The work is related to horticulture.

The process to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal

There are two seasons for agriculture in the UK. The first hiring starts in March and the second hiring starts in September/October for another season.

If you want to apply for it then, you will need:

  • Europass CV
  • Cover Letter

Attach your Europass CV along with a cover letter and send an email to the respected company which you prefer.

Your mail will be received by the company and if you will be selected by them, you will get either a call or mail. And they will send you a certificate of Sponsorship to you. Now you can apply for a visa and go to the UK.

If you have a sponsor in the UK, it will be very easy for you to go there. So, it’s best to have a sponsor over there.

You can apply for Visa up to 3 months before the day you are due to start work in the UK.

VISA FEE/Application fee: £259.

Document You Need to Provide

You will need to provide the following documents when you apply for a UK Seasonal Work Visa:

  • Certificate of sponsorship reference number which will be provided to you by your sponsor.
  • A valid password or documents which will prove your identity or nationality.
  • Your property evidence to ensure you can support yourself during your stay over there. For example your bank account with at least £1,270.

Your passport needs to have a blank page for your visa.

You must also provide a certified translation of any documents that are not in English or Welsh, apart from your passport.

The home office might ask you to provide other documents if required depending on the case.

Requirements/ Eligibility

  • You must be above 18 years old.
  • You must have a valid Password i.e. your passport should have at least 6 months of validity remaining and should have at least one blank page.
  • You must have a certificate of sponsorship assigned to you by your sponsor employer with the information about your job description.
  • You should show a bank statement where you have at least £1,270 (1,95,162 Nepali Rupee ) available funds in your account so you can support yourself in the UK for the first month.


If your sponsor states that he/she will take care of your finance over your stay in the UK for the first month, you won’t need to show your bank balance.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)

A Certificate of Sponsorship is an electronic record having a unique reference number that holds information about the job and your personal details. It’s not an actual certificate or paper document. It is a self-certifying document issued to a sponsored work visa applicant by a sponsor licence holder.

CoS is important because you need to add it to your certificate of the sponsorship reference number to your visa application form. It can be used only once. Its validity date is for 3 months from the date it’s assigned to you.

Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS) Requirement

The requirement of the Certificate of Sponsorship are listed below:

  • Details of your name, the job you will be doing, and your salary.
  • A start date (a date from when an employee starts working) should be mentioned clearly which is no more than 3 months after the date of your Seasonal Worker visa application.
  • Confirmation of the Certificate of Sponsorship is required to know if has been used in a previous application or not. Or to know whether it was either granted or refused and also to check if it has been withdrawn by the sponsor or not, or if canceled by the Home Office
  • Confirmation that the position complies with relevant legislation such as the relevant Agricultural Wages Order rate, where this applies, and the Working Time Regulations.
  • Confirmation of your salary and you will be paid as mentioned in CoS i.e. at least £10.10 for each hour worked.

Application Fee

When you apply for the UK work seasonal visa, the application process is free of cost.

But when you apply for the visa, the application fee is £259 i.e. 39,783 Nepali Rupee.

When Can You go To UK?

You can go to the UK within 14 days before the start date of your job or as soon as your visa is valid.

How Long Can You Stay?

You can stay for about 6 months according to the rule.

You can go to the UK as soon as your visa is valid.

What You Can Do

You can do:

  • Do the job as described in your Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • You can Study and take some training. For some courses, you will need an Academic Technology Approval Scheme certificate
  • You can only stay there for the mentioned time period. No longer than that.

What You Cannot Do

You cannot do:

  • Taking a permanent job. There is no meaning in it for your stay over there is limited i.e. for up to 6 months.
  • Doing a job other than mentioned in your Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Getting public funds.
  • Cannot take your family members.

Name of the Companies that Offers Work

We have short-listed names of four companies that offer seasonal work to people.

These companies are legally eligible to offer work to people. Many Nepalese people go to the UK to do jobs under these companies.

So, if you are someone interested in applying for UK Seasonal Work Visa, then apply for these companies.

1. AG Recruitment and Management

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal?

Most Nepalese go to the UK to do the jobs offered by AG Recruitment and Management. You can click on the Apply now button and fill in all the asked information as shown below and apply for it.

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal in 2022?

2. Concordia Limited

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal?

Concordia Limited is another company that offers jobs to people for the UK seasonal work visa. You can apply to this company either.

3. Fruitful Jobs

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal in 2022?

You can also apply for fruitful jobs if you want to go to the UK under UK seasonal work visa for doing seasonal jobs.

4. Pro-force

How to Apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa From Nepal?

Pro-force is another eligible company that can offer work to people from different countries and takes them to the UK under UK seasonal work visa. If you are interested, apply for it.


Did UK Seasonal Work Visa been able to grab your interest?

To apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa you do not need to spend any money on it. You can go to the following above listed websites and apply for it.

Hence, be aware of a Scam or person asking for money from you to apply for it.

Make sure you submit an attractive CV along with a cover page. If you get lucky, you will be accepted and you will receive a call or mail from the company.

The door of the UK will be open for you but just for 6 months.

Everyone who has knowledge of agriculture can apply for UK Seasonal Work Visa.

We hope you found this article informative. Thank You!!! for reading it till the end.

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