How Much Does a Website Cost in Nepal in 2021 | Best Tips

How Much Does a Website Cost in Nepal in 2021 | Best Tips

Websites are inevitable.  In the end, this is a digital world. It is a common question to ask, “How much should a website cost?”

The easy answer – “It depends”.

Choose between Rs 12,000 or Rs. 1,20,000 or Rs. 12,00,000. Website cost may be different. However, the performance of the website is directly correlated with the price you pay to the right people.

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You know what, a website can be built for as cheap as Rs 1200. Cheaper websites may indeed give you the immediate result you need but it’s also true that it comes at the expense of lack of customization and features along with a high possibility of data leaks and breaches.

So if you want to customize a website and have decent security and services, you will have to spend more.

For greater achievements. You need significant investments

The truth is, a fully custom and secure website will indeed cost more, but it is worth every penny spent on it. Throughout this post, we will explain how website development costs are estimated and the minimum price estimated at each step.

How website cost is determined?

1. Branding Cost

A Brand is your business Identity. So needless to say when you brand your website you need to have full control over this aspect. Branding is not a single task either. There are a lot of activities involved while creating a good brand. 

So to estimate the cost of Branding we will have to know its components. They can be primarily divided into two phases.

Setting up Brand guidelines

Estimated Minimum Cost – Rs. 20,000

By creating brand guidelines, you are creating a set of standards for your brand to follow. Creating tailored and functional brand guidelines is an elaborate process, as you may have guessed. It involves a lot of effort and an immense amount of research.

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The Brand guidelines such as:

  • Brand Images
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Styles
  • Typography
  • Brand Tone
  • Brand colour

Are what makes your brand alive and gives your business identity. These can determine the success or failure of your company. Certainly, you can do things on your own without market or user research. However, the problem arises when your audience is unable to connect with your brand. What’s the point of creating a brand if no one is interested in it?

Considering the quality of the brand guidelines you get when making a significant investment,

Do you still think you should settle for something cheap?

Designing Brand Elements

Estimated Minimum Cost – Rs. 50,000

Brand elements are the aspects of a brand that we can see, hear and feel. Designing is simple but coming up with a layout that fits the business is a challenge in itself. An effective company branding package isn’t just one strategy, but a whole armory of elements. The components of Brand elements are:

  • Logo
  • Logo animation
  • Social media cover page
  • Display picture
  • Cover Picture
  • Icons
  • Background image for the web page
  • T-Shirt
  • Mugs
  • Video Content

And so on. This process is long and takes a lot of effort plus resources. It should be noted that the first attempt is usually just a demonstration as the designers of the company are bound by restrictions but still need to produce the best results within a limited amount of time. After this demonstration, the design needs to be perfected as per the needs of the client.

Sure you can use cheap or free sites to build a generic design, but is it worth getting lost among numerous others?

2. Domain Registration Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 1,000

Registering a Domain is simple – all you have to do is click a few times and Boom it is done. Sure you can register a domain for free – it is a valid option and yes you can do it on your own.

All you have to do is:

  • Come up with a suitable domain name
  • Check the domain name for ease of reading 
  • Find the best domain extensions that suit the needs of the Business
  • Check for the availability of the domain name,
  • Register the domain
Website Cost

After doing all of this we still have to wait for a response from the Domain Registrar. If the domain name that you choose is not available, then we will need to redo the whole process and try again to find the domain name that fits your needs. Yes, it’s that easy.

However, let us mention some of the limitations and risks you might want to consider before doing so.

  • Hidden Fees
  • Data Leakage
  • Higher Renewal Fees
  • Costly Support Services
  • Poor Page Performance
  • Inconsistent Services

You can visit Domain Providers like GoDaddy, Hostgator, Squarespace, to register your domain and check its availability. Keep in mind that domain authority expires according to the plan you choose. Consequently, you will need to renew it.

3. Website Development Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 40,000

Web Development is the process of creating a website. Regardless of how good your branding is, once a website turns out bad, all of them will be for naught. So you need to give the best experience you can to those who visit your website. 

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To make a good website, a developer needs to:

  • Make it User friendly
  • Make the Website Compatible on most if not all platforms
  • Create a well planned Information Architecture
  • Develop a well-formatted Content
  • Adequate data with Fast load Times
  • Create an Effective Navigation

These are the components that need to be developed to make a Website User Friendly – all the while keeping the intent of what a business aims in mind. Furthermore, once the site has been developed, the web host has to test the site a few times and invest additional resources and improve it further as per the need. 

Now, think for yourself, how can a good website be made cheaply when the developers themselves have to pay a good amount for both the features and human resources?

4. Content Writing Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 20,000

A website without content is like a person with an empty mind. It has everything needed to be a website but there is still nothing in it to make it good. Contents are the thoughts and words of a company. If they are not good, regardless of how attractive a face or a voice is, it won’t communicate with its audience. 

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Content is the way you converse with your customers. There is often a misconception that all one has to do to write good content is just write. However, to make good content a writer has to:

  • Research properly
  • Write as per the tone of the brand
  • Find creative ways to represent the idea of the brand
  • Be wary of plagiarism
  • Create new contents
  • Be wary of the trends
  • Write in different mediums like ads and copywriting, articles and blogs etc
  • Optimize the content for better rankings in Search Engines such as Google
  • Be Consistent 

Your business relies on your audience. And since the content is what helps you resonate with them Do you really think feeding them something cheap is healthy?

5. Photography Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 20,000

A picture speaks a thousand words – but a bad picture can ruin a hundred thousand well-written words. This is a well-known thought and a realistic one as well.

 Photography is an innately expensive task. Why is it expensive? The answer to that is:

How Much Does a Website Cost in Nepal in 2021 | Best Tips
  • Expensive equipment
  • Limited Time 
  • The learning curve for photography is steep
  • Photo Direction
  • Expensive editing software

Apart from the pictures themselves, there are expenses concerning Location, Makeup, Dresses and props used, lunch for the teams, use of studio (if applicable), transportation (in general), etc.

Also please bear in mind that this cost is for one session of photography. Each image will be shaped by the photographers, who will direct where and how to pose or act because their job is not just to take the photos but to create the best picture they can. This is the realm of creativity and it is an expensive skill that you will be buying. 

Yes, you can still take photos cheaply but will it compare to the ones taken by someone who has worked all their lives honing their skills?

6. Videography Cost

Estimated Minimum Costs: Rs. 1 Lakh 

Videography is the art of recording and manipulating motion pictures. Sure, a picture is worth a thousand words, but it cannot show the moments after that image. Video on the other hand shows the action, the reaction, and the effects of any event – regardless of the scale.

An average video shoot usually involves three phases:


  • Generating ideas
  • Writing Scripts
  • Visualizing Props


  • Managing Actors
  • Choosing directors
  • Equipment and Lunch


  • Editing
  • Further revisions
  • Marketing

Needless to say, a badly captured video can ruin the whole essence of an event but a well-made video can deliver your intent effectively. So why is videography expensive? The reasons are:

How Much Does a Website Cost in Nepal in 2021 | Best Tips
  • Expensive equipment (much more than the ones used in photography)
  • Marketing Expenses
  • Expensive Editing Software
  • Time is taken to perfect a video
  • Video Direction and etc.

Besides this, there is also the learning curve of perfecting videography. Also, the video can be animated, informative, or just a TV commercial so, they must be able to not only record videos but also shoot them as per your specifications.

With all of these things considered, will you be able to create the same effect as a professional videographer with proper equipment and skills? Do you still think that the price is unjustified?

7. Digital Marketing Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 20,000

How do you market your website? Digitally, of course.

But how much does it cost?

Digital Marketing Zookti

As long as you are persistent enough and do well in content and Website, you don’t have to market. However, this can take years and sometimes even decades for you and your business to succeed.

While cheap digital marketing is better than no marketing at all, you will still have to work with less exposure and even lesser gains. 

So what sets apart great digital marketing from a cheap one. 

  • The Time of the marketing campaign
  • The area of the marketing campaign
  • The size of the marketing campaign
  • The type of marketing campaign
  • Content Marketing
  • SEO
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Paid search
  • Display advertising
  • Email marketing


  • Affiliate marketing
  • Influencer marketing
  • Video advertising
  • Audio advertising
  • Mixed Marketing
  • Messenger marketing

A digital marketer has to go through all of these and find the best way to market your website. They have to pay to bring you exposure as well – Price has a direct correlation with the exposure. So, do you want to choose cheap and limit your growth? If Someone says they can do all of this adequately and cheaply, would you trust them not slacking off? 

8. After Sales Services Cost

Estimated Minimum Cost: Rs. 10,000

This is the part that most people ignore – The After-Sale Service. Many people think that once they make the website, fill in the contents, and market it, their job is done. That is not the case as even after doing all of these, you still need to maintain your website. To do this you will need support from the service providers. They include services like:

  • Maintenance support
  • Data Backup
  • Monthly Support
  • Offers
  • Technical Support


  • Sites Updates
  • Promotions 
  • Warranty 
  • User Training
  • Product Review

All of these are after-sales services that a web developing company provides. Now if you want all of these services you will need to pay for the service. The effort and resources are required to give and maintain a reliable after-sales service.

 If anyone says that they can give a full after-sales service, they are either swindling you using underhanded means.

Overall Cost

Cost DivisionEstimated Price
Setting up Brand guidelines
Designing Brand Elements
Rs. 70,000 (Total – one time cost)
Rs. 20,000
Rs. 50,000
Domain RegistrationRs. 1000 per year
Web DevelopmentRs. 40,000 (one-time cost)
Content WritingRs. 30,000 (one-time cost)
Photography Rs. 20,000 per shoot
VideographyRs. 1,00,000 per video
Digital MarketingRs. 20,000 per content
After Sales ServicesRs. 10,000 per month

So what is the point?

The point we are trying to make is that people work for a profit. Regardless of what they do, no one will do things for free. If someone says they are willing to give full services for free, they either have some underhanded methods to earn money or do not provide the full service they claim to.

You cannot get things for free – at least not the services that really matter. So would you choose a cheap but dubious service, free but restricted ones, or pay adequately to get transparent and reliable ones? 

If your answer is the latter, why not give the professional a try?

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