Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Golchha Group: A Company Closely Associated with Nepalese Lives

Golchha Group is first and foremost business house in Nepal. With 100 years worth of legacy to defend it is really hard for a business organization to continue its business but Golchha Group has not only persevered but also prospered in the mean time. With iconic brand like Hulas organization is a force to be reckoned with. Lets know something more about them.

Started Business a Century Ago:

The foundation of the business was laid down by Mr. Ram Lal Golchha who had come from Bangladesh to start Jute business in Nepal in 1920’s. For those who do not know jute is a strong king of fiber used to make industrial strength ropes, sacks and so on. By trading on jute Mr. Golchha got his start on business in Nepal.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Founder ram Lal Golchha (Image Source: Golchha Group)

Industrial Pioneer of Nepal:

Golchha Group can be credited as the industrial pioneers of Nepal. In 1937 they established the first industry of Nepal “Biratnagar Jute Mills”. Opened in the collaboration with Indian Industrialists, it managed to do the transactions of more than one million rupees on its first year of opening. Later on it also became the site of first political movement for labor equality and strike famously led by future Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala.

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Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Biratnagar Jute Mills (Image Source: Republica)

Pioneered Metal and Agro Industry:

Moving further they moved on to another ventures especially metal and agro ventures. Hulas Jastapata, Hulas Steel, Hulas Atta etc. are the by products of the ventures in those industries immortalised in Nepalese hearts and minds through the iconic phrase “Hulas Bhaye Aru Kina Khojne“(why search for other if Hulas is there).

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Hulas Steel Industries (Image Source: Hulas Steel Industries)

Biggest Employer of Nepal:

After Nepal Government and its administrative bodies along with security apparatus, Golchha Group is the biggest employer in Nepal with 22000 Nepalese citizens associated with it directly.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust

Pioneers In Automobile:

Not only in steel and agro, Golchha Group is pioneer in automobile as well. They are the first manufacturer of 4 wheeler’s in Nepal named “Hulas Motors” made famous by Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai who chose it over other foreign brands. Till this date it is the only vehicle manufacturing plant that was operated in Nepal.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Even Prime Minister Of Nepal Rode Hulas Motors

Consumer Electronics Giant:

Him Electronics a subsidiary company of Golchha Group is the authorized dealer of Samsung mobiles in Nepal along with many other electronic items. It also manufactures household electronic items in the name of brand “Himstar”.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Him Electronics Samsung Showroom

Restarted the Automobile Manufacturing:

After the failure of Hulas Motors, Golchha Group did not lose it’s heart and it made a comeback with the assembly plant of 2 and 3 wheeler vehicles. It manufactures the popular Bajaj Motorcycle and Bajaj Tempo. It is also the authorized dealer of KTM bikes a popular bike among the bike enthusiast.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Hulas Auto Craft

Involved In Finance and Insurance:

Since 2012, Hulas Fin Serve Ltd. (previously also known as Hulas Investment Pvt. Ltd.), a Golchha Group member, has facilitated accessible spot financing facilities to our customers to let their dream soar higher. 

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Hulas Fin Serve Pvt. Ltd.

Golchha Group is leading the 3rd largest insurance company in Nepal, Union Life Insurance, to offer various individual insurance solutions that meet the customers’ diverse life stage needs.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Union Life Insurance

Alternative Energy and Bio Science:

Golchha Group, in collaboration with Hester Bioscience Limited India, has set up a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for products ranging from Poultry vaccines to large animal vaccines. The facility has an annual capacity to manufacture 1.24 billion doses of live and inactivated vaccines and health products for healthier animals.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Golchha Group Bio Science facility

Saurya Bidhut Power Pvt. Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Golchha Group and it is dedicated to developing renewable energy sources in Nepal. It aspires to develop and support the development of 30MW Solar PV generating systems within 2024.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
A Solar Plant

Seriously is there anything that this company does not do!!!

Corporate Social Responsibility:

Golchha Group has not shirked its share from Corporate Social Responsibility. It is associated with “Teach For Nepal” which is a movement of outstanding university graduates and young professionals who are committed to ending education inequity in Nepal starting with two years of fellowship teaching in public schools. Their motto is “ONE DAY ALL CHILDREN IN NEPAL WILL ATTAIN AN EXCELLENT EDUCATION“. What a noble thought. Hats off!!

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Students In Nepal

Secondly it is associated with “Disabled New Life Center” with the mission of helping physically disabled children to be integrated into society by providing medical treatment, rehabilitation, education, and vocational training.

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust

This brings tears to my eyes!!!

Bright Future:

With the current trend of industrialization and economic development ongoing in Nepal Golchha Group has bright future in Nepal. Let’s wish them Good Luck!!

Golchha Group: A 100 Years Worth of Trust
Current Chairman of Golchha Group Mr. Shekhar Golchha

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