Celebrate New Year-2079, With Joy And Festivity

Celebrate New Year-2079, With Joy And Festivity

New Year- A day that symbolizes a perfect occasion to celebrate kinship, love, and friendship. People usually bid adieu to the year gone by and welcome the new year with new resolutions, hopes and aspirations.

Revelers sent greetings and well-wishes in person or through social networking sites, which have enhanced community bonding as many people cannot visit all their loved ones in person.


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and another chance to get it right

Things To Do in New Year

Here is a list which you can do in the new year check it out:

1. Book Your Favorite Restaurant

Things To Do in New Year

What a magnificent way to end a year and ring in the new one would be to celebrate by having your favorite meal at your favorite restaurant, coupled with some bubbly? It doesn’t matter if it’s fine dining, a pizzeria, or something in between, as long as it’s a place and food that makes you happy. Just remember to check their opening times and book your table early, so you won’t miss the opportunity!

2. Clean Your House

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Perhaps a more out-of-the-box thinking thing to do on New Year’s Eve is to manage your house. It may not sound like the most exciting thing to do, but you can make it fun. You’ll feel quite accomplished and proud after! Doing cleaning will make your mind feel more peaceful and clear once you’re surrounded by a clean home, and wouldn’t that be the best way to start a new year?

3. Get Dressed Up in a Fancy Outfit

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Undoubtedly one of the most fun aspects of things to do on New Year’s Eve is figuring out what to wear. As it’s one of the biggest nights of the year, putting on your A-game with your outfit is an encouraging action to take. So if you’ve got any outfits or dresses in your wardrobe that feel too fancy or sparkly for other occasions, NYE is the best time to take them on a night out.

4. Go to a Killer Party

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Once you’ve done with the fancy outfit, go show it off at a killer party in town! In addition to some of Go to your friend’s party. If your friend is not hosting any grand parties, there are always many places that will also have a variety of parties for you to choose from. We all have our preferences in what kind of festivities we enjoy attending, so choose your party to attend accordingly. You may even hop through multiple parties if you feel up to it. We can find different parties held on that day if we roam in the areas of Thamel or Durbarmarg.

5. Make a Festive Dinner

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Having dinner with your loved ones is another great thing to do in NY. You can have quality time with your close ones whether with your friend, lovers, or your family. It’s a great idea to share dinner. You can have dinner at your home or any restaurant you prefer and don’t forget to create memories by snapping pictures to make it meaningful.

6.Create Memories

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Things you do in NY should be remembered for a whole year. Don’t forget to snap pictures. So the memories last long. Memories you stored in your brain may fade away but such pictures will make you remember each event.

7. Make a Vision Board

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

Make a list of resolutions. A vision board is a way to plan and visualize the year to come. Make your goals specific and know yourself what is it you want to accomplish in this coming year? Such activities make you clear your plan to achieve your ambition. If you were not able to do it last year don’t worry you can do it this year. This is why New year is another chance to get it right.

8. Bonus(How people used to celebrate in past)

New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

We believe that what we do on the1st day of the year, we keep doing the same things throughout the year. So due to this strong belief, people start their year with good deeds. Respecting their elders putting Tika and taking blessings from elders.

The use of postcards was very popular in the 90s. Still, some people practice such activities. People used to show their creativity through poems, quote, and sharing with their beloved ones.

People used to wish for their beloved through radio channels via different programs.


New Year Celebrated With Joy And Festivity

We should always welcome the New year being happy and cheerful for there is a belief that what we do in the new year continues throughout the year meaning if we are happy and cheerful, we can be happy all the year. Our belief is what makes us stronger. What we believe is how we live. I wish everyone to be happy in New blasting Year celebrating with their loved ones, eating delicious food being warm with love. In addition, be safe and celebrate safely and responsibly.

Happy New and beautiful Year everyone.


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